Transparently Fake

The self-proclaimed most transparent president ever has an impressive record.   For being transparently fake, transparently fearful of the true facts.   Let’s take a short walk through just three examples.

Tax documents that would show his financial entanglements and perhaps disprove his boasts about his incredible (truly) wealth?    There is a plain-spoken law that requires him to provide these to Congress on request.  That request has been made, the deadline extended, a bullshit legal rationale for not providing them invented.   So?  He’d love to provide them, he keeps insisting, as soon as the longest audit in tax history is done!   What does the IRS say about this audit?   None of your bees wax!  Make me.   [1]

He is a very stable genius, probably the smartest man to ever hold the office of president, in his own humble opinion.  He went to the best schools.  His lawyers have made sure that no transcripts or test scores will ever be released by any school he ever attended.   He’s sensitive!

His second Supreme Court nominee, “Justice” Boof Kavanaugh [2], had the bulk of his legal writings kept secret from the Senate Judiciary Committee during his shameful confirmation process.   An unheard of percentage of his legal writings were protected from scrutiny by a party gatekeeper (and personal friend of the candidate) who decided which ones to classify and which to keep secret.   Conspicuously absent were legal writings from his gung-ho partisan participation in a straight line of hard-line party politics: his work as clerk for a rightwing federal judge who later had to resign in disgrace for serial sexual misconduct (a lifelong mentor who got Kavanaugh his clerkship with Anthony Kennedy),  his time as aggressive lead lawyer for Starr’s moralistic, x-rated investigation into Bill Clinton lying about a blowjob, attorney for the Dubya Bush campaign during Bush v. Gore, his detailed legal advice as part of the White House legal team to scofflaw president Dubya, including his arguably racist positions, his long fealty to extreme right political positions as reflected in his consistent rulings on the D.C. Circuit court after his appointment by a grateful Dubya.   Full transparency, bitches.

There are many more examples of Trump’s transparent fakeness, of course, but these three, for the man “completely and totally exonerated” by the illegal partisan witch hunt hoax conducted by 18 or more very sick and dangerous hate-filled Democrat criminals, some of whom may deserve the death penalty… well, as our transparently fake president continues his contumacious obstruction of any and all inquiries into what we used to think of as fact and truth, these three will have to stand in for the rest.   In the memorable words of George Lopez “fuck that puto“.


[1]   Note that we are not even mentioning the transparent president’s recent lawsuit against Deutsche Bank to prevent them from disclosing details of how he was able, among other things, to borrow tens of millions from the bank to pay off a previous loan from the bank.   The poorly managed German bank was virtually the only source of funding for the serially bankrupt, famously deadbeat Trump, outside of friendly “oligarchs” here and there.  The Deutsche Bank story is covered in detail here.

[2]  “Boofing” was listed on Kavanaugh’s personal page in the yearbook of the exclusive Montgomery County prep school he graduated from.   When asked about this during his confirmation hearing, he lied.  He brazenly pretended it was a reference to his flatulence, rather than what everybody knew it to be: inserting a tube in the asshole of some eager to get drunk asshole and pouring enough alcohol into the body, through the tube, to render the teenager shit-faced.   So I call the lying sack of shit Boof.   Fuck that lying hyper-partisan choir boy puto.   As that smug piece of shit wrote in 1998,  (source):

Kavanaugh thought impeachment was the best remedy in the case of a president accused of behaving badly. He writes:

“I am mindful of the need for respect for the Office of the President. But in my view, given what we know, the interests of the Office of the President would be best served by our gathering the full facts regarding the actions of this President so that the Congress can decide whether the interests of the Presidency would be best served by having a new President.”

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