Transparently False President

Somehow, through the time-tested principle of endless repetition and the inevitably numbing process of habituation, millions of Americans have come to accept that the current president, like many people, simply cannot help lying. At least he’s honest about being a compulsive liar, his loyal supporters say.

The president boasted, during the investigation he mocked as a ‘witch hunt’, that he’d talk to Mueller, under oath, any time. Then he refused to speak to Mueller, on the advice of lawyers who understood that the president is incapable of not walking into a “perjury trap.” The term perjury trap, of course, was created for this man, to give a semblance of normalcy to his inability not to lie.

Since Trump’s Attorney General (his third in little over two years) began inaccurately spinning the unequivocal findings of the Mueller Report (ample grounds to indict for obstruction, but for OLC memoranda arguing against indicting a sitting president) Trump has contradicted himself at every step. Not a problem in the post-fact, post-analysis, post-reason world that Mr. Trump seeks to establish, nobody can separate one lying boast from the ten others that directly contradict it. They come too furiously, in tireless profusion.

“The report totally exonerated me!” Trump said over and over after Barr told him there was no finding by Mueller of criminal conspiracy between his inept crew and the Russian government. Trump never read the report but he knew the bottom line: TOTAL EXONERATION!

Followed by “it was a totally unfair witch hunt conducted by my enemies, eighteen angry Democrats” that needs to be investigated, along with Obama’s spying, Hillary’s emails and all the other major crimes of his many guilty, totally despicable and disgustingly unfair enemies.

“I have no problem with Mueller testifying,” he said calmly when asked about the Special Prosecutor speaking under oath to Congress. It’s likely that Bill Barr hipped him to the fatal stupidity of allowing the man who is upset at Barr’s deliberate distortions of his findings to speak in a televised session. Mueller will not be allowed to testify, was the next thing Trump said about that. Neither will anybody else, in or out of the government. No do-overs!!! No collusion, no obstruction and no investigation of obstruction, no subpoenas, I will lawyer up to obstruct any attempt to do anything that could reveal my seamless, ongoing pattern of obstruction!!! Mueller found me totally innocent, of everything, and I hate him because he’s a lying, traitorous member of the Deep State who had it in for me for no reason!!! UNFAIR! SAD!

And on and on. One looks in vain for anything approaching logical consistency in the many impulsive utterances of our Electoral College president. The only consistency that can be observed is the pattern of constant, reflexive twitches of self-protection and self-aggrandizement by this stunningly insecure natural-born “winner”.

The other day the governor of Florida announced that he’d seen proof of Russian hacking of two Florida counties prior to the 2106 election. He would not name the counties, he had signed a Non-disclosure Agreement with the feds when they showed him the evidence of Russian interference in the election. I cannot name the counties, the Florida governor announced, but the hack had NO EFFECT ON THE VOTE OUTCOME. Seriously?

I have no idea if Russian hackers actually changed votes in the electronic tallies of certain counties to help Trump win the relatively few districts he won by a total of 78,000 votes in the four “swing states” that decided the Electoral College outcome. I know that brilliant quants on Trump’s campaign team (probably working for mathematical savant and Asperger’s-afflicted billionaire Robert Mercer) engineered a brilliant and successful surgically targeted campaign to get those crucial votes, 50 here, 101 there, in every electoral district they needed to win to take all of those Electoral College votes by the slimmest of margins (less than 1% in three of those four states). [1] And that, naturally, the president bragged, without so much as a wink to easily obtainable facts, about his historically impressive landslide victory in the Electoral College. He, in fact, finished a few places from the bottom of the chart of Electoral College wins, but– hey.

There is no reason to doubt that those two Florida counties in question both went for Trump in that perpetual battleground state. Otherwise, why the need for the NDA? When in doubt, hide the evidence, lie about your reasons for hiding everything, make everybody take a loyalty oath, sign an NDA, dummy the fuck up, and heaven help the stinking rat who contradicts any of this. Nothing to fucking see here, you fucking Commies!

As for me, I’m looking forward to the transparently false president’s colorful tweet storm once impeachment hearings begin.

[1] There’s a nice chart here (toward the bottom) showing that Trump actually finished 46th in the 58 presidential elections in terms of Electoral College margins (check out Nixon in 1968 vs. 1972!)

and state by state we have these amazing landslide margins of victory for DJT in the Electoral College

  1. Michigan, 0.23%
  2. Pennsylvania, 0.72%
  3. Wisconsin, 0.77%
  4. Florida— a whopping 1.2%!!!


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