Of course, Mueller wrote explicitly about why he would not unequivocally opine on Trump’s likely guilt or innocence

The Devil, as they say, is always in the details.  In bizarro Trumpworld, nothing is prohibited to the Boss unless there is proof of an actual crime BEYOND THE SHADOW OF ANY DOUBT.  In the case of doubt, Trump wins.   He’s staked his entire career on this principle of unaccountability, perfecting it as a young adult under the tutleage of  satanic Roy Cohn.  

Me standing over a dead body with a bloody knife in my hand, shirt and face spattered with blood matching the victim’s, is not proof I killed the butchered dead piece of shit (who deserved it in any case) — unless there were ten eye witnesses who all pass polygraphs.  And even then…

Mueller lays out, in lawyerly detail, his reasoning for not indicting Trump for obstruction, or even opining more straight forwardly about the strength of a strong case against the president,  in spite of what appears to be a clear, well-corroborated, largely public course of obstructive conduct.   A seamless pattern of attempts by the “most transparent president” in history (also, man with, by far, the largest penis of any president) to thwart a legal investigation, in fact.   The president’s contempt of the legal system could not be more “in your fucking face”.

Read the fine print of the Mueller report, where the devil cavorts.   Mueller argues, in point three (below), that it would be unfair to indict the president for a serious, impeachable, crime and then have him wait, possibly years, to clear his good (or, in this case, bad) name in court.  It would hurt the president’s credibility, unnecessarily compromise him and impose a serious political disability on him.  According to Mueller, quoting the OLC opinion, the “stigma and opprobrium” [of being charged and having to wait years to clear his name in court] “could impair the president’s ability to govern.”  So, no indictment.  Not for a rip-snorting Republican electoral college winner, anyway.   Fair is fair. 

Read it and weep, boys and girls.   Mueller, the fucking eagle scout:

Mueller 1.png

Mueller 2.png

I am starting to like the sound of the Democratic talking point when asked about impeachment: “we’re not there yet.”   Meaning, we the American electorate, and the fifteen or so Republican senators needed to convict in the Senate, are not yet faced with overwhelming, incontrovertible proof of this cruel, stubborn, vain president’s guilt.  

That he is guilty as hell, and keeps doubling down on his guilt by adding obstructive acts to his obstruction in progress, there is no doubt in my mind.   But I’m not the one who needs to be convinced.

It’s a good argument for the American people (the ones, in the end, who need to be convinced): “the motherfucker left us with no choice but to actually drag his dirty ass into the only court available for prosecuting such a powerful, untruthful and eternally unaccountable man.”  Contempt of Congress?  

Fucking prove it, you contemptible, powerless, loser assholes!  Make me!   Make me, bitches!!!

Thanks to The Intercept, who put the entire redacted Mueller report on-line.   James Risen and others have annotated it here.

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