Don’t go for the head fakes! Keep your eye on the ball.

We have the report right here, summarized by the investigator, in clear, easy to read prose.   Read the summary of Volume II.   It is not long, and is very lightly redacted (harm to ongoing matters– things still under investigation by other authorities).   Then you will know exactly what Mueller found.   He gives example after example of acts by the president that meet all the legal requirements for obstruction of justice:  criminal intent, an obstructive act and a nexus to a proceeding.

You can read exactly what Mueller found, or go for the clumsy head fake of the pathetic, porcine puppet who lied and distorted the findings.  Barr told America (and the world) that Trump had fully cooperated with the investigation and gave unfettered access to all requested materials.   He said this even though Trump’s lawyers had him answer Mueller’s interrogatories with the standard “I don’t recall” 38 times  in his written answers, refused to answer follow-up written questions, refused to be interviewed by Mueller, as if Trump had not made several attempts to fire Mueller, had not constantly attacked Mueller and the investigation and mocked it as a partisan witch hunt, continually.   A small oversight by the pathetic porcine puppet, it appears, done, one supposes, to color the perception of the lazy American public, a public always willing to have confirmed for them what we already believe.   This Mueller witch hunt report is the work of traitorous Commies trying to bring down the greatest president in American history!

Take a look at the fixed, uneasy expression on Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s face, standing behind the pathetic porcine puppet as Trump’s loyal consigliere A.G. explains live on worldwide television why this damning report contains nothing to see here.

You can read the details, set out in black and white, and make your own decision about how damaging this is to Trump or wring your hands about the political optics of impeaching an openly corrupt president who projectile shits on every norm, and thrills a large number, a solid 39% of Americans, by doing so.   It could hurt Democrats in 2020!!  It could backfire, like the Clinton blow job impeachment did for Republicans in 1996!!!   This impeachment is about defending the rule of law as it applies to a Unitary Executive, even one as infallible as our current POTUS.

The only thing to fear is this president not being held accountable for countless cruel, stupid and corrupt acts done with the powers of the most powerful office in the world.  I am encouraged as momentum gathers among elected Democrats to hear what all the witnesses to the president’s attempts to obstruct justice have to say, to subpoena relevant documents, to press on with holding this never-accountable deadbeat winner accountable, finally.  Even Speaker Pelosi, (I call her Nancy), has started to come around, saying now that impeachment is “on the table” if the facts lead us there.

I love what Elizabeth Warren had to say about impeachment.  It is a matter of principle, beyond political calculation, if we are to defend our democratic tradition. Let the American people hear all the facts (like who is involved in the 12 criminal investigations Mueller handed off– every one of which has been redacted by the pathetic porcine puppet).   Hold hearings, on television.   Then let the Republicans, one after another, have to decide which way to vote, after hearing the overwhelming evidence of the president’s guilt.  

In the face of mounting public sentiment that the case against the man has been shown conclusively, let them pretend he is still innocent.   If they stand up and vote to acquit Trump, after making a political calculus, it will be a vote they will carry, like a scarlet letter, for the rest of their lives.   Good for them!

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