Thank God Level Heads Prevail

The president was having dinner in Vietnam with North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un as his former “fixer” Michael Cohen began testifying in the House of Representatives.   POTUS appeared relaxed, sitting next to Kim, and he smiled for the cameras and the single print reporter he allowed into the room.   Mr. T heaped praise on his young colleague, an absolute ruler who may have done a few questionable things, like feeding an uncle of his to a pack of savage, starved dogs.   In the case of the savage dogs, demonstrably fake news, FAKE NEWS! — Kim had his uncle killed by a machine gun firing squad, like any respectable dictator would have done. [1]  One has to maintain perspective, as Mr. T did in predicting a wonderful future for Kim.  Perspective is crucial, particularly as India and Pakistan (both nuclear powers) are killing each other again over Kashmir and America is determined to effectuate regime change in Venezuela.

In ordinary times, the American president would reach out to both sides, urge calm, initiate diplomatic talks.   A person can only do so many things, though, even the most stable genius ever to lead a major country has his limits.   So as he and his Secretary of State schmooze with the North Korean dictator it is up to others to carry out some of these things, like smearing the president’s former personal fixer as a self-promoting liar so corrupt he won’t swear not to profit on his notoriety by signing a book or movie deal.  

Everyone loves calling inconsistent people hypocrites.  Such a harsh word!   True, Trump did say, in 2011, that law professor Barack Obama had been a bad student and called on him to release his high school and college transcripts.   True, Trump did have his personal attorney write to the schools Trump went to, and the organization that gives the SAT exam, and threaten them with legal action if they released Trump’s perfect scores and tiptop grades.   I’d say that’s a wash, really.   Hypocrite!  Such an easy word to hurl, but the facts also matter, no?

Michael Cohen was an unprincipled, lying scumbag, seems to still be one.   He worked for an unprincipled, lying scumbag.   What are you going to do?   Nothing illegal about being an unprincipled scumbag, unless you are convicted of a crime, as only one of them has been.   The other one?   Totally, totally innocent, until indicted, tried and found guilty by a so-called judge.

Meanwhile, as Pakistan and India square off, as the US and Venezuela prepare to forcefully argue the meaning of freedom and/or democracy, thank God we have level headed leaders looking out for us all in these troubled times.   And God bless these United Shayyssh.


[1] Snopes debunks the story, which originated in a piece of Chinese satire, here.


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