Trump’s Troll missed obvious counterpunch in contentious FOX interview

Asked by a surprisingly dogged interviewer on FOX if there was any precedent for a president asking Congress for money, being refused and then declaring a national emergency to take the money anyway, Stephen Miller missed an obvious line of attack.    Not a great line, admittedly, but, given the circumstances, maybe the best defense of this impulsive, repulsive president that he had.

The pugnacious little shit stain could have smirked and said:  Yes, idiot.   It was called Iran-Contra.  Congress passed a law that forbade US taxpayer money from going to the fund Freedom Fighters in Nicaragua.   A covert group of the president’s men contravened an arms embargo and sold weapons to Iran, a hardline theocratic state who had recently taken American hostages.   Profits, part of the “mark-up” from those sales, were sent to Central America to fund the pro-democratic operations of the anti-Sandinista fighters who, it has long been alleged by a worldwide cabal communist sympathizers and freedom haters, also, sometimes, raped (it was only a handful of nuns, by most accounts) and tortured, as well as killing.

Sure the interviewer would have pointed out that the arms sale and death squad funding deal were both clearly illegal, and not the same as the president invoking a manufactured, non-urgent state of emergency.  Worth a shot though, I think, since nobody was ever punished for the Iran-Contra affair.   Like a drunk who found a rich man’s wallet, treating the bar to drinks, the George HW Bush administration was generous with the pardons, before and after trials.  Why let the former Secretary of Defense undergo a criminal trial that could end up a mess for everybody?  The pardons made the sickening scandal evaporate into the fond mist of the glorious Republican Revolution.  

Reagan, after all, was the Great Communicator who promised to make America Great Again and said it was morning in America.  President George HW Bush, the former CIA director long considered by Ann Coulter the biggest wimp president of our lifetimes, has since been replaced on this dubious pedestal by the whining schemer we have there now.

And look, honestly, the televised hearings into the Iran-Contra scandal made a patriotic hero of current NRA president Oliver North.  The NRA presidency is a lushly compensated position [1].   North has been lavishly praised by NRA Executive Vice President and CEO Wayne LaPierre as “a legendary warrior for American freedom, a gifted communicator and skilled leader.”  Ollie wasn’t going to let the law stop him from waging war for freedom.

Being indicted as a result of the investigation also didn’t harm the hawkish Elliott Abrams, who is currently overseeing efforts to free Venezuela from a modern-day Hitler, as he did decades ago in explaining that the reign of terror illegally funded US-backed fighters in Central America unleashed on their countrymen was only the glorious prelude to democracy and the liberation of oppressed people.  He may have lied to Congress, but, as they say, extremism in defense of liberty is no vice.


[1]   More recently, the NRA has paid LaPierre an annual salary of roughly $1 million. But in some years, LaPierre has earned far more. In 2015, for example, LaPierre took home $5.1 million, the Washington Post reported.   Feb 28, 2018

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