New Arbitrary and Capricious Deadline!

I hear that Congress reached a tentative deal with the president today to avoid another government shutdown by the president.   POTUS says he’s not happy about it, still has other demands, though he apparently got funding for 55 miles of new border wall and his party held firm on not limiting the amount of immigrants arrested to the number of available detainee beds.   No reason to bring up the fact that illegal immigration at the southern border is at a forty year low, without any wall.   Good for him, he seems on the verge of saving us from his latest threat.  MAGA-man.

Bullies love to coerce.  The delight in drawing random lines in the sand, daring people they are pretty sure they can beat up to cross them.  Tell them their line is bullshit that should be wiped away.   “Make me, make me!” says the bully, as you point out the line he is daring you to cross is both arbitrary and capricious.    Pointing out that he made the line only to provide a chance to humiliate you if you don’t cross it, or punch you in the face if you do, won’t score you any points either.  You don’t win a debate with the bully.  

The point of bullying is to humiliate and dominate others.   This kind of schoolyard shit usually can be ended by the application of the regular ass whuppings the out-of-control bully is actually crying out for.   Bullying can also be ended by restoring the bully’s lost self-esteem, or providing the sympathy and understanding he never got, but this is a more Christlike endeavor than most victims of a bully can commit to.

And so it is with our blustering, besieged Two-year-old-in-Chief, master of invective and arbitrary deadlines and lines in the sand.   His abuse of his fellow Republicans, of Democrats, of the Media, of Muslims, of Mexicans, of anti-racist protesters, of anyone who presents any opposition to his mandate to rule, speaks to his character as loudly as it speaks to the needs of his supporters.  The sickening regularity of it, usually expressed in moronic tweets, numbs us to it.   So it also is with his manufactured emergencies.

Like the looming new deadline in the budget/shutdown debate.   Reminiscent of his recent wildly divisive Supreme Court nomination, 51-49, fair is fair, bipartisan deal for a five day FBI probe MORE THAN ENOUGH TIME TO PROVE THE PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE!   “Why the rush?” one might ask.   “FUCK YOU!”   one might be answered.    Right before Christmas POTUS was presented, by his loyal enabler Mitch McConnell, with a last minute unanimous bipartisan bill to keep the government open. He was poised to sign it.   Then Ann Coulter called him a pussy, so he shut down the government, sat holding his breath, with his arms folded defiantly, for a record thirty-five days during a shutdown with an $11,000,000,000 price tag for working Americans.  

Then, observe his well-worn tactic of creating another artificial emergency that will drive the news cycle — he signs a brief truce to “reopen the government” for a limited time.  Just enough time to deliver his inspiring State of the Union to the wild applause of his partisans, and petulantly wait (having already proved he will unaccountably fuck up as many American lives as it takes to get what he wants, what he promised his angry base)  for his new arbitrary emergency deadline to come so he can say to his many enemies “make me, MAKE ME!”

To which a perfectly reasonable response is “I make you every day, ass wipe.   In the toilet bowl.”   Then, a chorus responds: FLUSH.   That sound is hopefully not far off now.

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