Health Insurance CEO’s response

Dear Sir [1]:

My assistant is in receipt of your recently emailed complaint about allegedly getting the wrong medication from our third-party pharmacy.

Apparently, in addition to writing long emails of complaint to strangers, you also, fortunately, had the common sense to research the drug that was, you claim, erroneously sent to you.  You prudently did this research before taking the drug.  As a result you suffered no serious bodily harm, no monetary loss nor any other cognizable legal injury.   

You don’t need to be a lawyer (and I am not) to know that without a cause of action, and a viable, filed lawsuit, against our company, you are powerless to compel any kind of response from me.

However, on a personal level, let me simply state the sadness I feel for your situation.  Clearly, by the minimal level of health insurance you are entitled to under the PPACA, you have not thrived in our system.   I suggest a better use of your time would be figuring out the answer to that riddle, you sad fucker.

I hope this addresses the concerns raised in your recently emailed letter.  As always, thank you for your ongoing business and please do not hesitate to contact us if you ever feel the need to whine about things beyond anyone’s control.

Yours sincerely, etc.


[1]  NO!  I’m kidding.  She ain’t gonna write back!!!  LOL!

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