The president’s $11,000,000,000 temper tantrum

Look, full disclosure, I never liked any bully I’ve ever seen anywhere.  I don’t like braggarts.  I have a reflexive dislike of the extremely privileged, they like things just the way they are and would be fools not to, I suppose, but fuck ’em.   So I never liked our fake president, even when he was just a rich, racist, blustering publicity hog who put exaggerated accounts of his amazing sex life on the pages of the tabloids of NYC for years, questioned the legitimacy of our first mulatto president and called for the death penalty for wrongfully imprisoned black youth (Central Park Boys) even after they were exonerated by DNA evidence, waging a long public relations war to make and market his exclusive brand: winning.

I have nothing good to say about Trump.   That said, the cost of his senseless, history making 35 day government shut down (previously only done by rabid partisans in Congress) is now calculated at $11,000,000,000.   He was holding his breath until Democrats agreed to release $5,700,000,000 to build a border wall only his chanting crowds think is a good idea.    Not for nothing, the total cost of the wall is estimated at several times $5.7B.

The president has no notion of real world consequences, never having lived in the real world.   Being a millionaire by age eight will do that to a twisted little fucker. He doesn’t know how government works, or economics, or compromise or anything else that most people come to grasp at some point.   After the Trump heir apparent, Donald’s charismatic older brother Fred Junior, revealed himself as too decent to be a real estate titan, prior to drinking himself to death, Donald was the only viable heir to the  vast real estate empire of ruthless, grasping, imperious, law-flouting, fraud-hatching Fred Christ Trump.  Fred Christ Trump was the heir of his ruthless, grasping father who had been deported from his native Germany for evading military service and cheating on his taxes.   It’s in the blood.   These motherfuckers are just no good.   You could look it up.

So this president who never had to know the price of anything, because he never paid his own money for anything, finds out he cost the nation $11,000,000,000 by folding his arms and pretending to be a resolute leader.  What does he care?  Not a dime is coming out of his pocket.   Which is the way it usually goes when the super-entitled, hereditary super-wealthy fuck their social inferiors.

Fair is fair, yo.

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