The Democrats Have No Narrative…

This article from The Intercept really nails  a crucial truth corporate Democrats consistently miss.  It lays out the reasons Pelosi and Schumer’s awkward  response to the president’s untruthful prime-time address blaming Democrats for his own shutdown (while throwing red meat to his base ) was a strategic and narrative nullity for the opposition party.

Trump, for all his doddering and his idiotic compulsive lying, consistently tells a grim and angering story that galvanizes the pain of  many of his non-wealthy supporters.  He always passionately points the finger (dishonestly, of course) at who is to blame (and away from those who are really to blame).   His narrative speaks to these desperate Americans in a visceral way that resonates strongly with what they are living: you are being fucked, BIG TIME.

The establishment Democrats, in contrast, are busy fact-checking and pointing out the worst of the president’s almost uncountable lies.   As with Hillary Clinton’s lackluster and self-satisfied campaign, they have no consistent counter-narrative (understandable because they can’t alienate their biggest donors who benefit handsomely from the status quo).  The leading Democrats are neoliberals, comfortable with the setup that makes them rich and powerful while, on Main Street and every side street, that same setup completely screws millions, even the vast majority, of working class Americans.

Trump is, of course, lying when he insists, moronically, that illegal immigrants are the biggest threat to America and that a caravan of dangerous murderers can only be restrained by a multibillion dollar wall and military force.   It doesn’t matter that he’s lying about facts when he pokes effectively at the helpless rage of millions of Americans struggling with abject despair, killing themselves in increasing, record-breaking numbers with drugs and guns, not to mention by drunk driving and self-inflicted diseases of hopelessness like obesity.  He always gives them a story, coherent or not, that enables them to focus their rage at being disposable.

Read this article, it is a clear and insightful analysis of what the fucking Democrats should be doing, the story they need to tell and how a couple of the more courageous leftist ones are already clearly setting out that reality-based story.


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