Thoughts on POTUS for Black Friday

I know, POTUS probably hates that name, thinks it should be White Friday.  Yeah, yeah, some animals are more equal than others, yeah, yeah.

I watched a clip of Sarah Silverman playing a demonically frank version of Sarah Huckabee Sanders holding a press conference.   She plays the part with joy, calling on her favorite reporters by pet names like Dummy and Pencil-neck.   It’s less than two minutes and worth a gander, you can click here to see the whole bit.

At one point she answers a question about the president’s character this way:

“He wasn’t shown love in his formative years and he was taught that his only value was money and, you know, he didn’t earn his money, he was constantly given it, that’s why he started gold-plating everything and wearing suits that matched his cars.   He never really emotionally grew past eight years-old.  His mother had this odd disdain for him and because of it he, you know, reenacted the trauma through copying her hair.” 

This sent me to the internets where this is one of the first images my search retrieved:

Mary and Donald.jpg

And for my fellow armchair psychologists, I submit this family photo of the Trump siblings, the offspring of uber-weatlhy alpha male Fred Christ Trump (son of a sketchy German immigrant who made a lot of money here) and born poor Scottish immigrant Mary MacLeod Trump.  

Trump siblings.jpg

Notice the age and size difference between Fred Junior, the ill-fated heir apparent of the Trump real-estate empire, and the younger brother and future president, born forth in the five pup litter [1].    Donald looked up to his older brother (a wonderful and beloved man, according to the young Trump, though his candor and care for others actually killed him, a cautionary tale for the future president) and bullied his little brother.   Mary, their mother, laughed about that bullying years later, when her second youngest was famous, saying Donald was always Donald. Nothing a military academy could fix, apparently.

Now, the most powerful man in the world, he gets to abuse everybody, in his endless quest to selflessly take all that is broken and make it whole again.

Rump and Dad.jpeg


[1]  Yes, I know litter mates cannot be born years apart, just go with it.  This is a guy who, as president, publicly referred to football players respectfully protesting as “sons of bitches.”   Good for the goose, good for the gander.   USA!   USA!!!!


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