The Price of Shame

Monica Lewinsky, the onetime White House intern infatuated with Bill Clinton, has a great TED Talk called “The Price of Shame”.   In it she discusses her public shaming when details of her sexual affair with the president came out, including his semen on her blue dress, his penis in her mouth and his unlit cigar inserted tenderly into her vagina.   She was publicly humiliated and cyber-bullied as a result of these disclosures.  Her talk is excellent.

A friend of mine, also moved by her talk, tried to book her to speak at his local temple.   It turned out the temple did not have the budget to afford her speaking fee.  One of the prices of shame, apparently, if your shame has high enough public titillation value, is $20,000 to $50,000 per appearance.

I shit you not. 

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