The Muslim Brotherhood

The president used a throwaway line in his latest comment on the Saudi murder, in its consulate, of a Saudi journalist living in America and writing for a prestigious American newspaper, suggesting the murdered man had ties to terrorism.  POTUS engaged in his usual double-speak, claiming once again that it’s possible we will never know what happened to Jamal Khashoggi or who ordered his murder and dismemberment, no matter what the CIA learns through it’s now more than month-long investigation.  The CIA investigation indicates that Muhammad Bin Salman likely had something to do with this “tragedy”, and he very well might, OR, he might not!     

POTUS mentioned, though he didn’t say this is why the journalist deserved to be murdered, that he’d heard the dead man, Khashoggi, had been considered by the Saudis an enemy of the state and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.   It’s possible, you dig, that he was a terrorist who advocated the murder of millions, universal Sharia law and that he hated our freedom, I’m just saying.  It’s also possible he left the consulate or started a fatal fistfight with the hit team sent to kill him and many other things are also possible and, shit, we’ll never know.   (And, it goes without saying, once more, that whatever happened to Khashoggi has nothing to do with the brutal Saudi war on the civilians of Yemen and the world’s worst current humanitarian crisis, as the world’s lying press calls it.)

My understanding of the Muslim Brotherhood (the above wikipedia link aside) is that it’s a militant fundamentalist organization that came of age in the prisons of Egypt where secular dictators imprisoned and tortured members of the radical religious right.   The Muslim Brotherhood, apparently founded in 1928, whose membership included  the military officers who overthrew Egypt’s last king in 1952, produced at least one influential writer and philosopher, Sayyyid Kutb.  I remember learning about Kutb after 9/11, though I see no mention of him in the wiki on the Muslim Brotherhood.

Kutb had apparently been horrified, when he was here as a college student after World War Two. at the materialistic, over-sexed consumer culture of America.     Returning to Egypt, he devoted himself to religious interpretation and making a political philosophy out of fundamentalist Islam.   His jihad was now to protect pious Muslims from this increasingly global corruption.    His books were influential and he was a close adviser to Gamal Abdel Nasser after Nasser took power in a military coup.  He wound up sentenced to death for his alleged role in a plot to overthrow Egyptian dictator/president Nasser, whose repeated high government job offers he had refused.  Nasser commuted Kutb’s sentence, leaving him in prison.  Years later Kutb was released, soon after arrested again, tried and hanged, this time for alleged involvement in another plot to assassinate Nasser.  The author of more than twenty influential books, Kutb wound up a martyr.

Among those influenced by Sayyid Kutb was the Egyptian political dissenter, Muslim Brotherhood member and physician Ayman Al-Zawahiri.   Al-Zawahiri also spent time in Egyptian prisons, was also tortured, was also a long-time member of the Muslim Brotherhood.   Later he would be second in command at Al Q’eada, sitting at the right hand of  Osama Bin Laden. [1]  He is assumed to be alive and currently commanding Al Q’eada, whose brand has taken a serious market-share hit since the killing of rock star terrorist OBL.

To my knowledge President schitt-breath is unaware of even this much history of the Islamist organization.   For his purposes it is enough to know it sounds bad, Muslim Brotherhood.   It sounds far worse than an inexperienced young medieval monarch rashly ordering the killing and dismembering of a political critic he hated — in his own consulate.  In spite of a long history of financial support for the Muslim Brotherhood, Saudi Arabia now hates the Muslim Brotherhood [2].   Put it like this “Muslim Brotherhood” versus $450,000,000,000 from the Saudis for munitions, plus over ten million well-paying American jobs with full pension and benefits, unlimited calorie-free full-fat ice cream and plenty of great sex on demand.  USA!    USA!!!!!


 [1]  Recall the confusion on the lips of every talking head in America when they reported that Obama had executed Osama bin Laden, almost every one of them bungling the tongue-twister, interchanging Osama Obama Osama, Oh, mama!

[2] wikipedia:

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia helped the Brotherhood financially for “over half a century”,[23][200] but the two became estranged during the Gulf War, and enemies after the election of Mohamed Morsi. Inside the kingdom, before the crushing of the Egyptian MB, the Brotherhood was called a group whose “many quiet supporters” made it “one of the few potential threats” to the royal family’s control.[201]

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