An unrestricted, quick search for the truth about the accusations against Kavanaugh

We can, of course, count on the character and integrity of President Trump in this and congratulate him for the “free rein” he’s generously given to the FBI to investigate multiple allegations against Brett Kavanaugh.   Our peerless leader has demonstrated these qualities endlessly, as that Great Wall of China on our southern border, the only thing that will save America, is being speedily built and paid for by Mexican rapists.   Faith in the president’s strong sense of justice is what caused Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley to bang the gavel as soon as they had the party line 11-10 vote for Kavanaugh in his committee.  “Two hour rule,” he said as he gaveled the session closed, using a never used antique procedural rule to cut off discussion of the “limited scope” of the “maximum one week FBI investigation” that Jeff Flake, weakly but with principle, had insisted on as the condition of his vote.

As it turned out, partisan Democrats and people of the left had nothing to worry about.   The president assured everybody by tweet that he’d instructed the FBI to do a full and unrestricted investigation.   He placed only a few minimal conditions:  nobody can talk to Kavanaugh, he did very well at the hearing, beautifully, really, and no reason to follow up on anything, very unfair and upsetting to put him through anything more; nobody can talk to Blasey Ford, she said everything she has to say and it was very damaging, she really said more than enough; no interview with Julie Swetnick, she’s clearly a bitter gang rape survivor trying to take it out on Kavanaugh who she has no idea if he was in the train or not because she was passed out while being gang-raped, allegedly, allegedly=-and you know how women love to play the victim card about “rape’, so, no, not her.   Just a few other minor guidelines:


Screen shot 2018-10-01 at 4.48.19 AM.png


Each of these minor conditions makes perfect sense, in Trumpworld.   Whether or not Kavanaugh was a mean drunk in high school is irrelevant, it has nothing to do with the accusation that he tried to rape her while drunk.    So, no, the FBI can’t ask any of his former classmates about how he behaved when he had had too many beers– and let us say once more for the record, he never drank anything stronger than beer.  The FBI, in conducting any investigation that is not a total witch hunt, must investigate only exactly what the White House decides is relevant.   After all, who better to decide how to investigate something fairly than the president who has been trying to just get this fine man’s confirmation done?    The FBI does not assess credibility, and if it does, it has no right to judge a man as wonderful and well-qualified as federal judge for life Brett Kavanaugh.   The White House is the only power impartial enough to make a fair assessment of what, if anything the FBI finds.   Don’t forget, the FBI and CIA behave like Nazis and are not very loyal to the president.

Six female Republican senators will vote yes or no to confirm Brett Kavanaugh based on the most heavily redacted record of any candidate for the Supreme Court.   The votes of four of those women are never mentioned, as though, because they come from Republican strongholds in the former Confederacy, they would NEVER vote against the party.   If they voted against the party line they’d be primaried out of office quicker than you could say “Jackie Roosevelt Robinson”, yes suh.   Such is the bawdy house of current American democracy.  The two female senators from states that do not always vote straight Republican are supposed to be the votes in play.   We don’t hear much from them yet, they’re probably waiting for the results of the White House’s scrupulously fair limited FBI investigation.

Reagan’s nominee Douglas Ginsberg smoked marijuana (Ronnie was bitterly surprised to learn this) and withdrew his name when it came out, rather than lie about it, pout, fight, hiss, bluster, threaten, make sarcastic remarks, yell, glare, conjure vast conspiracies against him and curse the millions spent to make him look like he smoked pot which he never DID, NEVER– YOU SMOKED POT!

Brett Kavanaugh, accused of something much less serious, of course, than smoking a joint, is made of sterner stuff.  He’s like Trump.   He’s a fighter who lashes out when cornered.  In fact, he’ll scratch your fucking eyes out before he’ll even think about backing down, he has amply demonstrated his fighting judicial spirit to the pussies who tried to make him look bad at the eleventh hour, after he already did OK enough that he would actually get confirmed.   That fighting spirit makes him, according to Trump, the ideal impartial-imsmartial deciding vote on the Supreme Court for, insha’Allah, many years to come.


                   Screen shot 2018-10-01 at 3.41.04 PM.png


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