How it’s done

This is what privilege is all about — the ability to hand a nice, tart, high-minded  “fuck you” to anyone who doesn’t have the privilege you do.  If you are the sour, partisan 85 year-old chairman of the Senate Judicial Committee, with a 51-49 majority behind you (all that’s necessary for the job at hand) you can proffer that unappealable “fuck you” any way you see fit. 

No reason to argue whether Chuck Grassley is, personally, a craven piece of shit cynically doing the bidding of the insane leader of his now extremist party.   It’s kind of irrelevant, given the facts of this particular case, given Grassley’s privilege to behave virtually any way he likes, as long as the tally is an irrefutable 51-49.  

A serious allegation, attempted rape, is made against the Supreme Court nominee your party is desperate to confirm before the will of the people, voting in their gerrymandered districts, can remove the ability from your pale, arthritic hands. The voters must not be allowed to have any say about this historically crucial confirmation, it is in everybody’s best interest! [1]  

OK, it is in the best interest of the wealthiest, most privileged people in America and their immortal avatars, the corporations.  The best people, the best people, believe me, believe me.   Let’s have a peek at the facts here, to prove the case that the best people are in the best position to make the best decision for the rest of us. 

For some reason, apparently to preserve requested anonymity, the Senator who received the account alleging the attempted rape, back in July, when the Kavanaugh nomination was first announced, declined to forward it to the FBI for a background investigation until a few days ago.  Finally, seeing the confirmation of another right wing extremist Supreme Court justice becoming more and more inevitable, Christine Blasey Ford stepped forward to identify herself as the victim of the long ago sexual attack.    A momentary dilemma for the good Republican men of the Senate Judiciary Committee. 

The important thing, after seeing that the audacious plan to have Kavanaugh not speak under oath wasn’t going to fly, was to impose conditions on the accuser so rushed, brutal, unfair and unreasonable that nobody in their right mind would subject themselves to that kind of vicious pressure.   Of the prospect of an FBI background investigation, demanded by the alleged victim (as every other victim has had the benefit of in such situations) Grassely sharped his “fuck you, bitch” pencil and inaccurately wrote to Blase Ford’s lawyers: “It is not the FBI’s role to investigate a matter such as this.”   End of story.

Now that she has declined to kowtow to the unreasonable conditions set forth by the chairman of the Committee and his 51-49 mandate,  the bilious old chairman can sit back, with that smug smile of his, and say words to this effect:  “well, I don’t want to draw any unfair conclusions, but looks like the lying partisan bitch decided to shut up because she can’t put up.  Her word against the word of this good Christian who is loved by everyone who has ever known him.  Let’s vote raht now, bitches!”

As they no doubt will now, after Grassely and Trump said, falsely and without any apparent shame, it’s too bad the Federal Bureau of Investigations does not do these kind of investigations.  It is not the FBI’s role to investigate a matter such as this, holding up the confirmation of a guy we desperately need to confirm, for nakedly political reasons, as soon as humanly possible.  Time is of the essence, emergency, emergency!!!  Nothing to see here, this Blasey Ford gal is too scared to face death threats, submit everything she plans to say by 10 a.m. the Friday, 48 hours before before our arbitrary and absolute Monday morning deadline, get on a plane and fly across the country to testify in a two witness, nationally televised high stakes  he said/she said hearing first thing Monday morning so that the vote on Kavanaugh is not delayed by one minute.  There is not a minute to spare.  

The women who voted by the millions for Trump, women who presumably don’t mind being grabbed by the pussy by someone as famous, and famously irresistible, as our current ladies’ man president, will have no problem with a privileged, rapey prep school boy growing up to decide, for generations, that if they themselves are raped, and become pregnant, they are constitutionally required to shut the fuck up and give birth to the child for Christ’s sake.

After all, Kavanaugh was in one of the most elite prep schools in the world when he allegedly found the fifteen year-old Christine, in her bathing suit, too irresistible to resist, and he was too drunk to remember anything about it.   Nothing to fucking see here you lying partisan bitches!  Kavanaugh’s not afraid, she IS!

I am a dreamer, I know, but I saw 1,000,000 women in pink pussy hats descending on the Senate at the hour the old fuck who runs the Judiciary Committee set as high noon, 10 a.m. today.   I wanted to see 1,000,000 women, and the men who support them, on every television channel in the world.    I did nothing to make this happen, partly because I have no ability to reach or influence anybody.   I heard, instead of the voices of a million women, carrying signs, saying “FUCK NO!”, a resigned whimper.  Then there will be a quick vote, got to be quick, before some other shit comes out on this guy, like some terrible thing contained in one of the 100,000 documents we have kept hidden, and then, once we have those 51 “yea” votes, whether or not we have an attempted rapist on our nation’s highest court will be a moot point.   Suck it, ladies.

If you are powerful, of the right social class, and have strong friends, you can usually brazen it out.   It’s what the best people do, the very best people we have, and we have quite a few of them here in our exceptional land of the free and home of the brave.   Fucking dicks, relentlessly so, whether you want it or not, especially, it seems, if not.  Who are you to say no to someone so privileged, so determined, so entitled?


[1]  Exactly the principled argument human turd Mitch McConnell made when Obama nominated the even-handed Merrick Garland with only a year to go in his presidency: Let the People Speak!   Wait, exactly the opposite of what that turtle faced pile of excrement said when he was obstructing Obama in performing his constitutional duty.  Oh, snap!


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