Would This Surprise You About Brett Kavanaugh?

I mean, you can look at the bland expressions on rapey mama’s boy Brett Kavanaugh’s smug potato of a face and feel you know exactly what kind of entitled, self-interested, amoral partisan, preppie, fratboy fuck the man is.  But, of course, that’s only my prejudice talking.   Now we have details from the Intercept that shed more light on the questionable character of this evasive soon-to-be unappealable jurist.  Rapey fucking mama’s boy.

Does it matter that Kavanaugh’s political and judicial mentor, a disgraced former federal judge named Alex Kozinski, the guy who set up Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court clerkship with Anthony Kennedy and showed him how the judicial appointment game is played, was forced to step down in the face of sexual harassment accusations from fifteen women?   Kozinski resigned in 2017, after decades showing mentee and close friend Brett Kavanaugh the ropes.  I think their relationship matters, because Kavanaugh is not forthcoming about their close association, seems to have lied about certain details, and because the chairman and Republicans on the Senate Judicial Committee don’t want to hear anything about it in their rush to confirm this true believer before the midterm elections. NOTHING TO SEE HERE!

I am looking forward to the hurried session to put to rest accusations that a seventeen year-old Brett Kavanaugh, along with drunken Georgetown Prep friend Mark Judge, today a popular right wing writer, held a fifteen year-old down, hand over her mouth as he attempted to get her one piece bathing suit off her.   You get the familiar chorus of indignant partisans high-mindedly defending Kavanaugh against this credibly alleged long ago showing of extremely bad character, of criminally bad manners,”who among us has not tried to rape a pretty girl when we were drunk back in high school?”

I am looking forward to the chance, no matter how remote, to see a smug, lying partisan hack with powerful friends, revealed, based on the content of his character, as the unfit piece of shit he actually is.   Particularly after reading his 2009 Law Review Article, a love letter to any future president who might be heedless and criminally inclined enough to appoint somebody like Kavanaugh to a lifetime post on the nation’s Supreme Court. 

Tendentious detail: current tuition for four years at Georgetown Prep, an exclusive Jesuit finishing school for the sons of the elite of Washington (and beyond): $148,860, exclusive of other fees.   If you board there, as many boys do, the price goes up to $241,120.    Just my hate speaking.  Nothing to see here.

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