Betrayal of Confidence

Kind of hard to forgive, I think you’d agree, someone who’d deliberately betray a friend’s confidence in a public forum.  Two weeks ago I wrote, in the context of comparing depression and anxiety, a few sentences that were, unbeknownst to me, exactly this kind of unthinkable betrayal of trust.   My friend wrote:

One thing I would ask of you is to, in the future, keep our conversation to ourselves.   I would certainly never publicly write about you, or any of your troubles.

Today I learned that these are the words he complained of:   

One complaint I’ve long had about one old friend is an inability to remember many of the specific, specifically troubling, details of a difficult discussion we’ve had.  The troubling section of our conversation is erased, like an incriminating tape.   This constant partial erasure appears to be a mechanism of anxiety.

How awful I feel, and how petty.   I wonder if I’m being over-sensitive.



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