American Democracy in Action

I was on youtube just now and clicked on a video clip from Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show.   The clip was entitled: 

The Putin Plot Thickens with an Alleged Russian Spy 

There was an ad before the clip.  It was paid for by an outfit called, apparently the president’s 2020 presidential campaign. The ad urges viewers to sign an online “SCOTUS petition” for federal appellate Judge Brett Kavanaugh, POTUS’s pick for the Supreme Court, a man the ad praises lavishly.  

As any red-blooded American knows, this is the way Supreme Court justices are picked: by on-line petition.   The power of our great democracy at work.  It’s not as if the Republicans don’t have the votes for the newly slimmed down simple 51 to 49 majority needed to confirm this radical conservative, but, as our man of the people president has been saying all along: let the people speak.  Here’s one of the best bits of recent American speech.

God bless these United States of America.

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