Fuck Eric Schneiderman

I’ve admired Schneiderman’s principled political stands throughout his career, which I followed since he was a political tadpole.  Now he is permanently done in government, because, apparently, he can’t control his violent anger around certain women.

A sponsor of bills to protect women from being battered or choked, he stepped down immediately after reports of these allegations against him were published in The New Yorker the other day.   So goodbye to the activist Attorney General of New York State, one of the few who seemed to relish going toe to toe with corrupt billionaires and their shady enterprises.  A sad day all around for anyone but the president and his circle.

I will leave it to the great Samantha Bee, who puts institutionally protected anger against women into much sharper, and funnier, perspective than I can.  Click here to watch Sam tear Eric a new asshole,

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