Reminder: Your feedback is vital to serving you better

Capitalism, which will not sleep until the entire world is consumed, every salable resource wrested from the earth, every animal that can be monetized slaughtered and sold, all air, water and land made toxic, has imperatives.   One is never to let a customer you have thoroughly screwed off the hook for not giving feedback.   

The U.S. Postal Service, in a public/private partnership with some top notch marketing firm, sent me a robotic reminder, another “invitation”, today:  your fucking feedback, asshole, we’re fucking waiting for it, to fucking serve you better, you fucking ungrateful fucking fuck. [1]


I won’t take their survey, for obvious reasons, but perhaps I’ll email the private marketing firm something like this:

Please take me off your email list.   I received unacceptable service from the Post Office, was forced to pay for it twice and received no follow-up outside of  your feedback survey emails.  

The properly stamped business mailer I sent my rent check to my landlord in was returned to me postmarked, with no other marking on it.   The Post Office deemed this nondelivery my problem, not their’s.

I’d paid for the stamp, put the check in the business mailer, and, without explanation, it was returned to me instead of being delivered.    I think most people would agree that this constitutes the opposite of service.   The “customer service” I was subjected to afterwards can only be described as “Postal”.

At the Post Office there was a wait to speak to the supervisor, since the clerk had no authority to do anything.   Rather than admit that this kind of thing shouldn’t have happened, or even hint at an apology,  I was pointedly asked by the Post Office supervisor if I had never made a mistake.   This brusque individual, rather than assuring me that the Post Office would fix its error immediately, upped his customer service game by telling me it was my option to pay for overnight delivery, if that was what I wanted, but that the Post Office had no responsibility for the mistake of a postal machine.   In fact, he said, the Post Office had no obligation to do anything but put the envelope through the same faulty sorting machine again and hope for the best this time.

When I was not satisfied with these options the supervisor gave me PS Form 3849 and told me if I had a complaint, there was a number to call on the card.   He gave me his last name, smiled and invited me to make a complaint.  The “complaint number” turned out to be what used to be called a lie.   Perhaps you will consider it merely an ‘alternative fact’.  Call the number for yourself:  800-ASK-USPS (275-8777).

I found a number on-line where I could make a complaint.  I was apologized to by Postal Employees and promised a full, confidential inquiry and an emailed report back in 2-4 business days.   I never heard back from anyone but the Post Office’s marketing partner, weeks later, offering me a survey to fill out.  My “confidential” complaint, I learned when I called to follow up, had been routed back to the snippy supervisor of my local post office, the jerk who had given me the fake complaint number after telling me with icy politeness what I could do if I had a damn problem.  So much for confidentiality.

The rent envelope, with arrows drawn by the supervisor pointing to the address it was supposed to go to, was returned to me a second time several days later.    I went to another Post Office, where again I was told there was nothing they could do but put it through the machine again and hope for the best.  I was told that apparently the supervisor hadn’t known to cover the erroneous barcode that had routed the rent check back to me a second time.  In the end I was forced to purchase another stamped envelope and send the check to my landlord a third time.  The landlord’s office informed me that the rent check had been delivered,  a few miles away, about five days later.

A week later I had a call from someone at that local post office.  The woman who called from the local post office in regard to my complaint (which her message said she was about to “close out”) left a message at 3:10 pm informing me that she left work at 3:00 and invited me to call a number the next day that was never answered.

So, with all respect, MaritzCX, independent customer experience firm, hired with taxpayer dollars to conduct the survey and analyze the results, fuck you and fuck your fucking survey.  And have a blessed day.


[1]  “We come in peace”

Thank you for being a valued United States Postal Service® customer. In our continuing effort to serve you better we would like your feedback about the service you received as follow up to your recent inquiry. Please let us know how we are doing and any improvements you would like to see by taking a few minutes to complete the survey.

Please click on the following link to access the survey. Your answers will be kept strictly confidential.

Begin Survey

Thank you in advance for your valuable time and input. As always, the United States Postal Service® looks forward to serving you. If you need assistance with this survey, please send an email to

Please do not reply directly to this invitation.

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