Neutrality vs. Objectivity

Heard a great distinction just now, made by Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks, interviewed by Larry Wilmore.   Cenk describes a trick the status quo media often uses to avoid delving too deeply into the actual issue at hand.  They pretend objectivity and neutrality are the same thing.   He uses a sports analogy to demonstrate how laughable it is to elide objectivity and neutrality.   

Objective:  The Lakers played the Spurs and the Spurs won 100-90.

Neutral:  The Lakers played the Spurs.  The Lakers say that they won.  The Spurs say that they won.  Oh well, I guess we’ll never know! 

Good point, I thought.  Excellent description of one of the common tricks employed over and over in our commercial media/political landscape.  You don’t want to piss the sponsors off. 

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