A writer’s dream

A writer dreams of his words moving a reader.   Leading a reader from one place, through other places, to a place where the reader understands the bigger picture, the tiniest part of the big picture, sees something new, is moved in heart and mind.   Pretty good dream from deploying some symbols on a page.

We arrange these symbols for words until they make the sense we are searching for. The words, once arrayed, can be tweaked, and shifted, until they become unmistakably clear, or infinitely suggestive, or soothing, or terrifying.   A miracle, really, that so much can be conveyed with the dedicated use of these symbols.  Writing/reading is probably the highest evolution of human ingenuity.    

“What do you think of Western civilization?” someone asked the little Indian man in the diaper-like garment.  

“A great idea, I think they should attempt that shit,” said the snide little devotee of Ahimsa.

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