Happy Martin Luther King Day from least racist President ever

I don’t know if the president is a dotard, as his colleague in North Korea, Rocketman, called him.   I know he’s a troubled man, you can tell by how frequently he resorts to ‘alternative facts’, as his nimble White House counsel styled his frequent, clearly demonstrable lies.   I don’t want to jump on and call him President Shithole or anything like that.   I really don’t even want to think about the motherfucker at all, but there you go, the guy owns the mass media.  Bread, circuses and fucking freak shows.  He is the best freak, the best freak, believe me, I’m from Queens, believe me.

Just thought I’d share this fifteen second clip of Mr. Trump reading prepared remarks for Martin Luther King Day, or as it’s called in Alabama and Mississippi, Robert E. Lee Day.   The face of the dark skinned man carefully positioned next to Trump as he reads is priceless.   It is the involuntary reaction even a poised, politically calculating person has to being close to an unbearable smell.   Am I wrong?

Check it out.


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