Just for Fun

You’ve got to love these top ten lists.  America is into rankings, big time.   Our entire culture is based on competition and the myth of the big, happy winner and the pathetic, miserable loser.   The competition is not always fair, admittedly, and the rankings are not always accurate or verifiable, but let’s play a little game I just thought up (instead of jumping out of my skin, my only other option at the moment.)

Bear in mind that these rankings were reported in that notorious Commie rag Forbes (note how their “rankings” diverge from the alleged source of the article — check out the sad case of Colorado, for example [1]), so take that into consideration when playing, but play the game along with us anyway, it’s fun in a sick way.  We’re seeing how the top ten in education and the bottom ten in education cast their votes in the 2016 Electoral College.

Ranking the states for educational attainment, based on some formula you can read about in the linked Forbes piece, you get the top ten (one to ten) according to Forbes:  Massachusetts, Maryland, Colorado, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Virginia, Minnesota, Washington, New Jersey.   Their votes in the Electoral College equal 90.   

The bottom ten are (bottom to top):  West Virginia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kentucky, Nevada, Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma.  These states represent a total of 104 Electoral College votes, Texas with an outsized 38.   

Top ten best educated states?  All ninety electors went to that nasty woman, loser Hillary Clinton.

Bottom ten worst educated states?  98 of those 104 Electoral College votes went to America’s greatest winner, and the most popular president in human history, Donald J. Trump. 

Only Nevada with its six electors bet against the former casino tycoon, fucking up the wonderful symmetry of this diverting game.

Here’s the 2016 electoral college map, if you want to fill out the rest of the board.  

Thanks for playing, y’all.


[1]  Colorado is either #3 or #14, depending on whether you believe Forbes or the report by an outfit called Wallethub that its article is based on. 


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