I’ve Got To Say This For Them… these motherfuckers are not trying to hide anything

I’ll say this for the right wing, when they are in power they march in a straight line, consistently toward making America great again, for our greatest Americans.  

How’s this for a straight line?  In the lead up to the last presidential election Facebook ran micro-targeted, personalized anti-Hillary ads that were seen by over 120,000,000 Americans.   In an election The Donald won, by about 70,000 votes in the five states that put him over the top in the Electoral College, those 120,000,000 hairy eyeballs Facebook ads provided were probably a factor.   Trump lost the popular vote by almost 3,000,000, which caused him to claim widespread national voter fraud and establish a commission to collect the voting data for every American.  Fortunately, he loses interest in shit like this almost as fast as he comes up with it.

The internet– to regulate or not to regulate?  The current rule is that no internet provider may give privileged, fast-track access to any website over any other.  This is called “Net Neutrality” and it has always been the rule and custom on the internet.   You get the bandwidth you purchase, period. 

President Trump, among his first orders of business, appointed a corporate attorney from Verizon to oversee things, and be the swing vote, at the Federal Communications Commission.  The attorney/chairman’s first order of business at the FCC is to overturn the internet’s long tradition of democratic access by creating a high speed lane in the internet toll road for the wealthiest purveyors of  internet fare to roar down, drowning out the curses of the rest of us as we slog along in the heavy traffic that is the lot of poor bastards.

Look, we get the justice we can afford to pay for, that’s just the way it is here.  Always has been, too.   After all, even our sainted founding fathers, those of Scalia’s “Original Intent of the Framers” fame, allowed that in areas where great fortunes were to be made, certain compromises, if artfully enough written into the margins of our Constitution, could ensure the continuation of such lucrative economically advantageous arrangements as could be sensibly, subtly, compromised over in penumbral yet binding clauses in otherwise unrelated paragraphs. 

It would take ninety years, in The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, until moral prigs (and whichever other such persons should have good cause to complain thereof) began agitating loudly enough for the abolition of one such compromise, the Peculiar Institution.  Then there was a national slaughter, and more slaughter, terrorism, lawlessness, law and some more slaughter.  You can read about it and weep, crybaby.  USA!   USA!!!!

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