America’s Exceptional Exceptionalism

Other countries, other cultures, other People, may consider themselves ‘exceptional’.  This may be true —  to them — but American Exceptionalism is exceptionally exceptional, more exceptional than any other exceptionalism, as I’m sure you’ll all agree.  As I shall endeavor to demonstrate again here.

I don’t say this only to be arch– or only to avoid doing things I must do today while I tap blindly at these keys.  Those motives cannot be denied, I add in the spirit of complete transparency of the kind President Obama so forcefully advocated as a candidate.  If you don’t feel like reading my bullshit but still want a good reason to be pissed off, just click this link.

Consider this: America has been exceptionally successful selling the ideas of freedom, justice and the American way.  Selling is the American genius.  This is beyond dispute.  Nobody does it, or did it, better.  

I don’t say this only out of bitterness at not being a sales genius myself, though admittedly that’s part of it.  America has packaged and ingeniously sold any number of wonderful and terrible things.  We are the undisputed genius of that ever-growing field which now encompasses advertising, public relations, spin-doctoring, marketing, branding, market research, demographic targeting, political persuasion, fundraising, data collection for targeted marketing, political advertising to influence the outcome of democratic processes, etc.

I think everyone can agree this amazing industry, employing many millions and influencing every American deeply (not to mention billions of others worldwide) is kind of exceptional.  To have the genius and ability to sell millions of rocks as pets?  Exceptional!  To be able to expertly package and market candidates for political office, and launch devilishly targeted attack ads to torpedo enemy candidates? Truly exceptional!  No shit, really, and no wonder these experts are paid enormous sums of money for the invaluable services they provide.  

Of course, it’s mostly the bitterness speaking. And glibness, which, though I sometimes flash, I know is also a vice.  So let me stop flapping me gums and post the link to the latest illustration of American Exceptionalism that has come across my desk.  

Apparently, to avoid another threatened government shut-down by those elected government officials who are hell-bent on proving that government is the enemy, certain compromises were made here in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

Sekhnet warned me to take my blood pressure meds before reading this short article on five of the most infuriating political compromises that prostitutes, pimps and panderers struck recently in our name and in the name of preserving and funding our great democracy.  I made it to the end of number two, before going into the small room to do the same myself.  As I went I chanted “USA! USA! USA!”  If you’re feeling strong today, click here.

And God bless our exceptional United States of America.



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