excerpt from the transcript

“If you’re not insane why are you in this laughing academy?” she asked with a challenging smile.  

“I’m not in a laughing academy,” I said.  

“Ha!” she said.  This cracked her up.

“Nothing like a girl who appreciates her own wit,” I said.  “I’m glad you find this funny.”  My profession of gladness snapped her right out of it, the frown returned to her face.  

“This should cheer you up,” I said.  “A fragment of the transcript of my intake interview.  Listen to how it reads so naturally like someone speaking.”

She read:

And it was an object lesson to me about the power of apology. It was like, the feeling of hurt was dissipated instantly. And I felt much better friends with him because he empathized completely  with how hurtful what he did was and he, as quickly as possible, made it go away. 
I said earlier I believe in the power of apology and forgiveness and all that, and it was a sad trait in my family: my sister, my father,  my father’s first cousin, my grandmother, they had a very hard time forgiving.  And that’s kind of unforgivable to me.  I’ve seen 30, 40, 50 year grudges in my family and so that incident with my friend was really like a light going on in a room.
“Kind of unforgivable to you,” she said handing the paper back with the most deadpan of expressions.

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