Marketing Genius Seth Godin speaking of faith

Krista Tippett has a show on public radio that used to be called Speaking of Faith.  It has an updated name I’m too lazy to google at the moment (time is money).*  Recently she interviewed ever quotable thought leader Seth Godin.

Seth spoke of his idea of ten.**  Send your idea to ten people you think will care.  If a couple of them send it to ten others, your idea begins to take life in the world.  If none of the ten forward the idea, or even reply, your idea probably has no legs.

And as we all discover, sooner or later, an idea without legs will always be stepped on and mashed into obscurity, no matter how simple and effective that idea might otherwise have been.

Keep it snappy and ready to ship, if you would find and sell to your tribe in our vastly interconnected world.



* it’s called On Being.  My time really isn’t money at the moment.


**  from the transcribed Seth Godin interview:

So tell 10 people — there are 10 people who trust you enough to listen. And if you tell your thing to 10 people — if you send your e-book to 10 people — if you do your sermon to 10 people or show your product to 10 people and none of them want to tell their friends, and none of them are changed — then you failed. That you didn’t really understand what was good. But if some of them tell their friends, then they’ll tell their friends, and that’s how ideas spread. So it’s this 10 at a time — 10 by 10 by 10. How do you put an idea in the world that resonates enough with people if they trust you enough to hear it. That then it can go to the next step and the next step.

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