As promised, but different than what I imagined I’d write.

I believe in the importance of  fun.   Hardworking people sometimes think this is frivolous on my part, a desire not to work, an immature love of play.   I do quite a bit of work, but I do very much love to play.  Playing together is one of the most important things in life.


Laughter cannot be overrated as a release valve, restorer, tonic, heart medicine, fun. People do not laugh enough when they are under stress, facing terrible odds.  More humor is called for.  Under my regime, you laugh or you die.

Creativity is crucial to a happy life, connected or not to any monetary calculus.   Our society quantifies talent and puts a monetary value on creation, killing a great deal of creativity.   Makes no difference to me, start playing,  I’ll jump in.  The animal is the same whenever it appears.

You don’t hear a tree fall in the forest?  I won’t let it upset me.

Canaries who sing in coal mines often sing in minor keys.  Picture a gypsy guitarist accompanying a canary, two souls longing around a campfire, only the canary is in a cage and going back down into the coal mine tomorrow.  The caravan will be forced to move on the day after that.  Sorrow and beauty often go hand in hand.

Mariano by Andy 7-19-13

Mildness is better than anger.   Remain mild even when you have the right to be angry — that is the right path.    Violence is common, terrible, rarely the solution.  Nobody should consider violence before considering everything else many times.   Countries murder wholesale and call it war, ruled by a body of laws called The Laws of War, but that does not make it right, except, perhaps, for those who profit by the sale of this large scale killing.

Do not forget to show gratitude.   Gratitude and sincere appreciation are like water and sunlight to seedlings.   “Thank you,” is so easy to say, as is something like “this was really delicious” or “you are very kind.”  Cost you nothing, but they are so valued by the people you give them to.

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