So Easy to Blame Billionaires!

For every ten generous, philanthropic, humanistic billionaires, we find one like the former president of Purdue Pharma, creators of the highly lucrative, highly addictive, falsely marketed opioid Oxycontin.   The Sackler family made $4,000,000,000 in profits from this “safe” alternative to traditional opioid painkillers.    Back in 2001 Richard Sackler apparently mapped out part of the family’s strategy for keeping its hands clean.   Here you go, from one of his confidential emails that came out recently in the Massachusetts lawsuit against the billionaire philanthropist drug marketers:

Screen shot 2019-02-27 at 4.15.56 PM.png

There are, of course, reckless criminals and supremely careful ones.   It’s the cunning criminals we really have to worry about.