Meanwhile, in Trumpworld

Now that FOX (Fair and Balanced) and its owner, Australian crocodile Rupert Murdoch, have betrayed Mr. Trump by claiming Joe Biden won the election, Mr. Trump watches only OAN, Newsmax, Hannity, Infowars and a few rightwing outfits I never heard of. Here’s the OAN report on their boy’s incitement rally before the riot at the capitol. I’ve had a bit of fun with the ironic BOLD FACE:

OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 11:36 AM PT – Wednesday, January 6, 2021

President Trump joined tens of thousands of Americans rallying in the nations’ capitol for election integrity. He addressed the crowd gathered just outside the White House Wednesday, where he said his team will never concede and they will uphold democracy.

The President went on to say it was not a close election and that he won by a landslide. He asked the crowd if anyone believed Joe Biden had 80 million votes to which the crowd responded with resounding [sic] “no!”

During his remarks he expressed hopes that Vice President Mike Pence would do the right thing by upholding the Constitution during the vote on election certification. However, he later sent a tweet stating that Pence “didn’t have the courage” to do so.

Mike Pence didn’t have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our Country and our Constitution, giving States a chance to certify a corrected set of facts, not the fraudulent or inaccurate ones which they were asked to previously certify. USA demands the truth!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 6, 2021

The Commander-in-Chief thanked his supporters for traveling from all over the country and reassured them he would never let anyone silence their voices.

MORE NEWS: Citizens gather in Washington, D.C. for ‘Save America Rally’

a summary haiku, in back to front order (revealing secret message from Q):

The Commander-in-Chief

upholding the Constitution

uphold democracy

election integrity.

USA! USA!!!!

Banana Republicans Running Amok

American mass media, case in point:

Violent mob, incited to riot by enraged lame duck president who stirs them up with a speech exhorting them to march down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol and ACT, storms Capitol building, overruns police barricades, smashes windows to gain access while others scale the walls of the building. The mob, vandalizing federal property (the rationale for federal goons squads breaking heads in Portland) runs through the halls of the Capitol, breaks into Congressional offices, shuts down a Constitutionally mandated session at which over 150 insurrectionist Republican members of Congress are hard at work, angrily and seditiously [1] obstructing the official certification of a fully certified election and preventing the peaceful transition of power.

The Vice President and the members of Congress and their staffs are rushed out of the chamber as police guard the doors with guns drawn against the insurgents. They are hurried to a secure location. A quick-thinking Congressional aid grabs the envelopes containing the votes to be certified. As this scene of horror unfolds, the inconsolably enraged president maintains public silence, sucking his teeth and watching the mayhem on TV, presumably from his bunker under the White House.

CBS news reporter, describing this scene in real-time, which apparently included violence toward reporters (Enemies of the People) and breaking of some of their equipment, refers to this mob of violent criminals as “protesters”. (In fairness to CBS, within the hour they’d begin using the more accurate “rioters” to describe members of the violent mob of enraged insurrectionists)

Well, everybody’s got a point of view, I suppose. Mine? I fervently believe that up in heaven Jesus is looking down on these rioters pretending to be Christians, filled with righteous outrage. The Prince of Peace finally can take no more, implores His Father “Dad, for the love of Christ, smite these violent, hate spouting motherfuckers taking our names in vain! Smite them for sinfully carrying my name into this hateful battle for fascism, snarling it through their filthy lips as justification for their hatred. Smite them for being complete fucking assholes! Do it, Dad! You smote Onan and his brother for less than this — come on, man! Rain down some hellfire and brimstone on their dirty asses!”

Sekhnet contrasted the hands-off treatment these rampaging right-wing berserkers were getting from police and National Guard with the full anti-riot mounted charge, swinging batons, deployment of flashbangs and pepper spray used to clear peaceful protesters for Trump’s Bible photo op back in June. Imagine the police reaction if this crowd had been partly black. Can you say INSURRECTION ACT, Mr. Barr?

Oh, yeah, by the way, easily forgotten in the stench of this paroxysm of personal and political rage (on a day Georgia elected a Jew and a Black to represent it in the Senate) the riot was also a COVID super spreader event, not one of these very fine, screaming people wore a mask over their spewing mouths.

Let us hope this is a tipping point that proves that lying, inflammatory Nazi-type rhetoric used by some very fine people, who are rightfully (or even wrongfully) angry, leads directly to Nazi-type mob behavior. Let us stay focused on getting the now functional Congress and a non-psychotic president to do the right thing, fix some of the “soft norms” Trump routinely relieved himself on in the name of Bill Barr’s unaccountable Unitary Executive. Very fine people, on both sides, on both sides, even though some of them, well, are pretty much also Nazis and spineless opportunists.

Oh, by the way, this is the Georgia statute that could have been written to describe the felony Mr. Trump committed the other day during his hourlong perfect harangue of his supporter fellow Banana Republican Brad Raffensberger (who became a national hero simply for refusing to break the law):

Universal Citation: GA Code § 21-2-604 (2016)

(a) (1) A person commits the offense of criminal solicitation to commit election fraud in the first degree when, with intent that another person engage in conduct constituting a felony under this article, he or she solicits, requests, commands, importunes, or otherwise attempts to cause the other person to engage in such conduct.

Charge him, try him (play the entire tape at trial, it’s perfect), convict him (his self-pardon won’t help him in Georgia), lock him up (for not less than one nor more than three years) as it is written:

(b) (1) A person convicted of the offense of criminal solicitation to commit election fraud in the first degree shall be punished by imprisonment for not less than one nor more than three years.

And because language actually matters (“I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have, because we won the state and similar moronic presidential non sequiturs notwithstanding):


1: in a violently raging, wild, or uncontrolled manner —used in the phrase run amok — rioters running amok in the streets Conditions had allowed extremism to run amok. 2: in a murderously frenzied state. 

Amok | Definition of Amok by Merriam-Webster

[1] Sedition is overt conduct, such as speech and organization, that tends toward rebellion against the established order. Sedition often includes subversion of a constitution and incitement of discontent toward, or rebellion against, established authority. Wikipedia

Where was this kind of frank reporting for the last few years?

Tip of the cap to NPR for this, a news report simply telling what is happening, accurately, without the tap-dancing (“baseless” or “debunked” are not the same as “deliberately false”) we’ve become used to in the “both sides have a valid point… or at least a claim” corporate media approach to reporting on our openly psychopathic politics. It struck me that it’s been a long time coming in a nation that found little outrage in the head juror at the president’s impeachment trial announcing he’d be working closely with the defense team to quickly dismiss the case and that no witnesses or evidence would be allowed at trial. You can hear NPR’s four minute piece here.

Numerous Republicans will go on the record against a democratic election. They’ve said they plan to object to the choice of the people. They will instead amplify President Trump’s baseless claims of fraud.


This is a big week for democracy. Tomorrow, Georgia holds two runoff elections that decide control of the Senate. Wednesday, Congress formally ratifies the presidential election results. Joe Biden received 306 electoral votes, as affirmed by all 50 states and dozens of lawsuits. But Congress’ ratification of those results will not be unanimous. Numerous Republicans will go on the record against a democratic election. They’ve said they plan to object to the choice of the people. They will instead amplify President Trump’s baseless claims of fraud.

In a lengthy phone call on Saturday, the president made more false claims to the secretary of state of Georgia. Having promoted false conspiracy theories, the defeated president asked Brad Raffensperger to join him in an actual conspiracy. He said they were both Republicans, so Raffensperger should, quote, “find” exactly enough votes for Trump to win Georgia by a single vote.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have, because we won the state. And flipping the state is a great testament to our country.

INSKEEP: Our colleague Stephen Fowler of Georgia Public Broadcasting obtained the full recording. In it, Raffensperger declined to change the results, saying the president had his facts wrong.

We focus now on one of the Republicans who are promoting the president’s drive against democracy. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is leading a group of senators who will object to the election on Wednesday. Cruz has also been campaigning in Georgia’s democratic election. So what does Cruz say about that phone call? NPR’s Sarah McCammon reports from Atlanta.


You can read about supremely spineless Lyin’ Ted at the link above. Even among disgusting pieces of shit, the stink of Lyin’ Ted stands out [1].

Just one Lyin’ Ted factoid: when he stepped up publicly offering to argue the Texas AG’s harebrained hail-Mary to the Supreme Court to invalidate the results of elections in four other states, he must have known, as a Harvard-trained lawyer, that there is no oral argument on an emergency application to the Supreme Court, they are decided on the filings. He also had to know there was no way that even Amy, Neil and Boof (and Clarence, Samuel and John) could take and rule on a baseless, legally incoherent application to the high court, no matter how much they may have wanted to rule 6-3 that democracy is whatever the president says it is.

The media is the filter through which we understand the workings of our government, the actions of corporations, the effects on our planet, our health and safety. How hard is it to report accurately? Just call it what it is, as Steve Inskeep did the other day on National Public Radio:

Numerous Republicans will go on the record against a democratic election. They’ve said they plan to object to the choice of the people. They will instead amplify President Trump’s baseless claims of fraud.

They are doing that now, in the Senate, as I type these words.

As a distracted media weighs yesterday’s decision by the Kenosha County DA not to file charges against a police officer who shot an unarmed Wisconsin man seven times, in the back, at point blank range. I mean, didn’t the guy who got shot seven times in the back admit that he had a knife? Kind of changes the story, you know, if the guy who was trying to get into his car was armed with a knife when the officer, quite reasonably, shot him in the back seven times!

Authorities will take reasonable precautions:

Kenosha Mayor John Antaramian was granted emergency powers by the Kenosha City Council Monday as officials braced for expected unrest following the decision.

The mayor and the Kenosha police department have indicated that they plan to institute curfews if necessary, designate demonstration spaces, limit city bus routes, close down roads and impose other safety restrictions if need be.

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers also activated the state’s National Guard on Monday to provide assistance to local law enforcement in the event of unrest.

The moves are similar to measures the city instituted in wake of Blake’s shooting, which took place in August 2020 and was captured on video.



from the BBC

Over the years the Texas senator has gone from Trump’s biggest foe to one of his most loyal allies.

Mr Cruz once called Trump a “pathological liar” and a “coward”.

This week he is leading the charge in the US Senate against certifying President-elect Joe Biden’s election win.


Bad Acid Trip

This feels like a bad acid trip we are all on, when even familiar, harmless things turn monstrous and it seems perfectly clear that the ever-worsening horror will never end. The good news is that scary hallucinations wear off as the drug gone bad is metabolized. The bad news is that some of these despicable monsters out of a bad acid trip that we are seeing today are quite real.

The ultimate proof that a person is a monstrous piece of shit is his reflex to ignore the pain of those around him. He goes on about his self-centered business like nothing is wrong, coveting, bragging, lying, getting revenge, stinking, while others suffer, their pleading voices unheard by him. During an emergency, the monster turd continues blowing his foul, self-serving breath while all around people are anxious, terrified, hungry, literally dying. True it’s only been about 350,000 dead in our country so far, a number not much more than 1% of us, but still, not a number to sneeze at, particularly if you have the power to do something about it, unless, of course, you are a fly covered mound of excrement.

We don’t like too much hyperbole, or raw expressions of anger, but simply stating what is going on is enough make it feel like we are all on a bad acid trip that we are all struggling to make sense of, somehow. The COVID-19 pandemic is proving very difficult to manage, even in places where angry, reality-denying, lockstep following morons are not in charge. It is prolifically deadly, refrigerator trucks for corpses are once again parked outside overflowing hospitals in many places in our nation. We set new records for death and infection every day, yesterday we set the record for COVID-19 hospitalizations. The only way to control the spread of a massively infectious disease is if everyone looks out for everyone else. That is not our way here anymore.

The stupidest, vainest and most sadistic man ever to be our leader knows what to do. Attack the disease as a hoax, a deliberate Chinese attempt to help his political rival somehow, attack the precautions all medical experts everywhere urge us all to take, downplay its severity (though you are on tape before you began downplaying it expressing great and reasonable concern about it being airborne, how infectious and deadly it is) pretend to have defeated the disease as infection numbers once again peak (“Mission Accomplished!”), declare to the nation that it’s not your responsibility, blame Democrat [sic] governors and mayors– make them fight over PPE and declare them leaders of “anarchist jurisdictions”, make them take you to court to get their federal funds — refuse to wear a mask, create millions of proud “Anti-maskers”, encourage them to rise up against Democrat [sic] tyranny, hold indoor maskless rallies where crowds chant with you, sending moist plumes of breath into each other’s lungs, infect countless lackeys around you at super-spreader events, come down with the disease yourself, have a million dollars of instant tax-payer funded emergency medical care, recover and declare that COVID is no big deal, you just have to be a winner and dominate the disease.

Then somehow you lose the election, oddly enough, by only a few million votes (and a narrow 74 electors in the rigged Electoral College). No problem. The election, as you predicted and complained about many times (as in 2016) was rigged, fake, stolen, corrupt, a scam, a flimflam, dead people voting, completely fraudulent. The incidence of voter fraud is less than one thousandth of one percent, less than one ten-thousandth of a percent (0.000001%) — all of your court cases alleging electoral fraud and unfairness were tossed out of court for lack of evidence, or often, even a coherent legal theory. On the other hand, before the 2020 election, the great State of Georgia, under current heroes of the rule of law Governor Brian Kemp and Attorney General Brad Raffensberger (both vocal Trump supporters), disenfranchised another 198,000 likely Democratic voters. Even after that heroic voter purge, and yanking out mailboxes during a pandemic, and calling mail-in voting a massive fraud, and your base (al q’eada in Arabic) turned out in droves to vote in person, you still lost Georgia by 11,779 votes. No problemo. “I need you to do me a favor, though, Bradsky.” But Raffensberger is stubborn, refusing to play ball, secretly betraying you as you speak. You innocently tell the disloyal Georgia A.G. “I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have, because we won the state.Figure that one out, linguists.

As my sister, a teacher in Florida, is about to be dragged back into a classroom (her doctor’s note be damned) to spend seven hours a day in a closed-window air-conditioned classroom with her low-income four year-olds, with no PPE and certainly no mask mandate in that Freedom State, as many thousands of Americans are not homeless today only because there are still moratoriums on sheriffs and marshals forcibly removing them from their homes, as California hospitals are turning away patients likely too sick to recover, due to overwhelming numbers of new patients, we are talking about whether this narcissistic patient zero has every right to pursue every wildly insane scheme to remain in power after losing the election by a wide margin.

Mitch McConnell, who singlehandedly blocked a vote on cruelly delayed $2,000 relief checks that would likely have passed with bipartisan support, only waited a month or so to congratulate the president-elect, after weeks of drawling in his farting basso profundo that the president has every legal right to do everything in his power to see that he won the election fair and square and that it his absolute prerpgative to insist the presidency was stolen from him.

The Sedition Caucus (Trump calls those Republican traitors who didn’t join in his attempt to overthrow democracy the Surrender Caucus) is set to contest certified votes in every state Trump lost, during a session of Congress that, every year but now, has been a mere formality, announcing the certifications in each state to make the president-elect’s victory official. In the background there will be an anti-democracy rally raging outside the Capitol, a show of violent force called for by our sitting piece of shit president over and over. The Proud Boys and their shameful ilk have been standing by, in spite of being gassed by police recently, are gathering for tomorrow’s hoped for riot.

We’re not able to be focused on fighting this virus that’s killing so many of us, because another, even more incurable, virus is killing us — the urge of angry, hopeless people to band together and implacably hate others united behind an infallible leader above mere reason, fact or so called “truth”. Faithful fascism erases ordinary reality, replaces it with a mass fantasy of glory and triumph.

The “transactional” “autocratic” “oligarchic” “kleptocratic” “malignantly narcissistic” “totally exonerated” American president calls over an over for a massive anti-democracy protest in our nation’s capital to STOP THE STEAL. The increasingly desperate, lawless American president violates federal (pardon me, sir) and state law by calling a state official (18 times it turns out, persistence is the key to arm twisting and persuasion both) to put the arm on him to find 11,780 votes, “one more than we won by”, as lawyers all over this ravaged nation discuss the exact subsections of the laws he has broken, and his defenders use what they have at hand, whining about the treacherous sneaks who leaked the disloyal tape of him violating the law, explaining that the hour-long tape is being taken out of context, he was only suggesting, cajoling, making a deal, negotiating in a hardball manner, as New York City Real Estate titans often do. When you’re a NYC Real Estate titan they let you do it. And so, out of personal loyalty to him we will band together to overthrow democracy for his sake, not let the certification of votes take place as the Constitution requires. You know, because of the tens of millions of un-investigated allegations of fraud out there, the ones the president has been spouting many times everyday, the ones we’ve been spreading at the president’s behest.

If, with all this foulness going on, the people of the great state of Georgia (those whose votes haven’t been successfully suppressed) elect Trump puppet and multi-millionaire scarecrow Kelley Loeffler and mega-Trumper, expert on outsourcing jobs, David Perdue, and Mitch the Grim Reaper keeps control of blocking all legislation and executive appointments — well, release the fucking Kraken, this shithole really deserves the biblical cataclysm that will follow. Nazis simply don’t care how many have to die to realize their dream of a perfect Nazi world. In the end, historically, tyrants and their foot soldiers lose, but as to us and our times, good luck to us all and God Bless these United Shayyysssh.


Heather Cox Richardson:

Other Republicans are standing on the principle of democracy. Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) called Trump’s phone call a “new low in this whole futile and sorry episode.” [Senator Liz] Cheney called the call “deeply troubling” and said people should listen to the full recording. Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) called the call “absolutely appalling” and tweeted, “To every member of Congress considering objecting to the election results, you cannot—in light of this—do so with a clean conscience.”

Today former Senator John C. Danforth (R-MO), who has supported the political career of Josh Hawley, the first senator to back Trump’s challenge, rejected the effort to challenge the electoral college votes. “Trump’s false claim that the election was stolen is a highly destructive attack on our constitutional government. It is the opposite of conservative; it is radical….”

These lawmakers were joined today by a group of about 200 business and legal leaders from JetBlue, Goldman Sachs, Lyft, the NBA, and so on. They signed a letter condemning attempts to “thwart or delay” the process of counting the electoral votes as a threat “to the essential tenets of our democracy.” Biden and Harris won the election, the letter notes, and courts have rejected challenges to that election. “The incoming Biden administration faces the urgent tasks of defeating COVID-19 and restoring the livelihoods of millions of Americans who have lost jobs and businesses during the pandemic. Our duly elected leaders deserve the respect and bipartisan support of all Americans at a moment when we are dealing with the worst health and economic crises in modern history. There should be no further delay in the orderly transfer of power.”

But a group of Republican lawmakers has signed on to Trump’s attempt to overturn the election and stay in power, and Trump’s phone call has not changed their minds. More than 100 members of the House of Representatives will challenge the acceptance of electoral votes for Biden and, when asked their position on the phone call in which Trump tried to strongarm an election official into cheating, dismissed it as “frustration” or attacked the stories about the recording as “one-sided.” (The recording and the transcript were released in full.)

At least fourteen senators, led by Josh Hawley (R-MO) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) will also reject the electoral votes for Biden from states Trump claims, without evidence, to have won. The two Republican Senators in Georgia, in a fight for reelection, have now signed onto the effort, although it means they are saying that the voters in their own state should be overruled in their choice for president.


Justice, USA

I’m trying so hard not to write anything about the “surprising” news from yesterday that a stinking pile of shit once again gave off its usual bad smell. You know, when the thing does the same obnoxious thing over and over and over, it is the definition of insanity to find any of it surprising — outside of the fact that there are never consequences, that nobody can seemingly make the infernal thing stop.

I posted the story last week that the only female prisoner on federal death row appeared to have been given a new lease on her tormented, highly medicated life. Lisa Montgomery had the stay of her Trump/Barr-ordered January 12 execution extended so that her lawyers, quarantined with COVID-19, could show up to argue for why she should not be put to death with poison, (or, as made permissible by national disgrace Bill Barr on Christmas eve: by shooting, or by hanging or electrocution) eight days before Mr. Trump, the Executioner-in-Chief, becomes the ex-president and loses the undisputed power to order people killed.

Today Democracy Now! reports:

A panel of federal judges has reinstated the execution of Lisa Montgomery, the only woman on federal death row, for January 12. The decision reversed a ruling one week earlier allowing for the postponement of Mongomery’s execution because her lawyers contracted COVID-19. Montgomery’s attorney is asking the court to reconsider the ruling. She was convicted for the gruesome 2004 murder of a pregnant woman, but advocates have been asking for clemency and say Montgomery suffers from mental illness caused by a life of abuse. If the execution goes ahead, Lisa Montgomery will be the first woman to be executed by the federal government in nearly 70 years.


The award winning journalists at Democracy Now! followed that report with this one:

Samuel Little, a serial killer who confessed to committing 93 murders between 1970 and 2005, died last week at the age of 80. Little’s victims were mostly young Black women who were estranged from their families or struggling with poverty or other issues, and their deaths did not receive widespread attention. Many of the murders were attributed to overdoses or accidental or undetermined causes. The FBI described Little as the “most prolific serial killer in U.S. history.”


Readers may be as surprised as I was (click the link above) to discover that Little was not a “white” man. I suppose it was the low status of his victims that accounts for the prison sentence instead of the death penalty (not that I think anyone should be executed by the state) for a prolific serial killer. Nobody can say we don’t have Justice here in the USA, it’s only that some people apparently deserve more of it than others.

As for Lisa Montgomery, her last hope is for an en banc hearing (all of the DC Circuit Court of Appeals judges) that could overturn the three judge Appellate panel’s decision that the lower court was mistaken when it declared that scheduling an execution (Jan. 12) during a stay of execution (originally scheduled for Dec. 8) was illegal. I don’t hold out much hope for that hearing of the full federal panel, it’s usually reserved for important cases. In related federal execution news:

Montgomery was the first woman to be scheduled for execution U.S. Attorney General William Barr resumed federal executions in July to partially empty Death Row after a 17-year hiatus.

Daniel Lewis Lee, Wesley Purkey and Dustin Honken were executed in July; Lezmond Mitchell and Keith Dwayne Nelson in August; William LeCroy and Vialva in September and Brandon Bernard and Alfred Bourgeois were put to death in December.


Speaking of “white” men, if a powerful, sadistic sociopath (let’s assume there’s a spectrum, some psychopaths being kinder than others, actually, there is — SEE THIS and the great TED talk it references) exerts the power of his position to extort fraud, to solicit illegal election tampering from an elected official, and fails — well, where is the crime [1]? The corrupt demand and the threats of criminal prosecution may be illegal under the federal code, it is a crime to solicit a government employee’s help to fraudulently rig an electoral count (in this case a thrice-recounted, duly certified count), and also under the law of the state of the official who is being strong-armed into violating the law, but, still– no harm no foul, right? Particularly if we have already established, as 52.5 Republican Senators did during the recent impeachment hoax, that presidential “Abuse of Power” is not a “high crime or a misdemeanor” in the eyes of our sainted, all-seeing Framers.

Also, don’t forget that crimes that are not completed — like a murder plan that does not actually result in the death of the intended victim or anyone else — are not really crimes at all. There is no such crime as “attempted murder.” You can look it up! This was one of the many quasi-legal arguments raised in Mr. Trump’s defense against the scurrilous charge that he supposedly “abused” his unlimited Article Two powers. If the president tried, several times (as reported to Mueller under oath by loyal subordinates of the president), to get rid of that pesky Eagle Scout Robert Mueller and his gang of sick and dangerous traitors, but the subordinates did not follow his orders — well, no harm, no foul! Sacred tenet of Anglo-Saxon law: no harmus, no foulus!

As for that sick, actually murderous, bitch on federal death row? TOTALLY DIFFERENT CASE!!!

Say it with me, y’all: USA! USA!!!!


I try my best not to mock stupidity, certainly not people with mental deficiencies, dementia, congenital conditions rendering them what used to be called retards, imbeciles or cretins, but is there anyone alive who can parse this idiotic statement by the Very Stable Genius, quoted verbatim from an audio recording made by an elected official of his own party to protect himself from the Genius’s inevitable subsequent lies about the nature and substance of the perfect conversation?

I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have, because we won the state.

which is one more than we have, because we won the state.


here it is in the context of Mr. Trump’s latest PERFECT phone call, the last line being the punchline in question:

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: …and the people of Georgia are angry. The people of the country are angry. And there’s nothing wrong with saying that, you know, that you’ve recalculated.

SECRETARY OF STATE BRAD RAFFENSPERGER: Well, Mr. President, the challenge that you have is the data you have is wrong.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: It’s more illegal for you than it is for them*, because you know what they did and you’re not reporting it. That’s a — you know, that’s a criminal — that’s a criminal offense. And, you know, you can’t let that happen. That’s — that’s a big risk to you and to Ryan, your lawyer. That’s a big risk. I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have, because we won the state.

* “them” “they”? What the fucking fuck?

Assorted headlines, January 1, 2021 — and a CALL TO ACTION

As I get ready to volunteer to make a few calls to “low-propensity” voters in Georgia tomorrow, I scan the paper to survey the new world we have in front of us in 2021. A couple of them caught my eye. Then a call to action.

This is according to the New York Times, of course, so take it with the usual teaspoon of salt [1] but it’s of a piece with general modern-day extremist GOP electoral strategy. The red baseball cap could say FEAR BLACKS!!! on it and have the same galvanizing effect. This black reverend, Warnock, stands at the same pulpit that known Communist Martin Luther King, Jr. (as portrayed by J. Edgar Hoover’s secretly sourced — tippy top, top secret — also, coincidentally, false — memo on this radical menace sent to Attorney General Robert Kennedy back in the day) once abused for his Red purposes. If it barks like a communist, lifts its leg like a communist … need we say more? Gentlemen, who among us is safe in a country where somebody like that has a vote equal to Miss Lindsey Graham’s? As for that other one, that smart-mouthed young Jew journalist? Enemy of the goddamned people, son!

Of course, someone like incumbent Georgia Senator David Perdue, loyal backer of our nation’s greatest one term president, has nothing to worry about, really. Nobody in his party will hold it against him that he made his impressive fortune outsourcing good old American jobs. That’s just NY Times propaganda, folks. You can read all about it here, in a Scalawaggin’, Carpetbaggin’ hit piece called Before Embracing America-First Agenda, David Perdue Was an Outsourcing Expert . Keep your salt shaker handy as you read it and stay tuned to OAN and Newsmax for the rebuttals (note: FOX can no longer be trusted, they traitorously reported the president lost the election he won!).

Speaking of the wealthy and their financial assets vs. ordinary American workers, how do you figure this one?

The “tide” that lifts “financial assets” is the same one that always does — the misery of nickeled and dimed laborers and short-changed consumers (who own no “financial assets”) translates directly into increased profits for the investing class. Every job that is outsourced to cheaper labor markets, every workers’ union that is crushed is a boon to the owners of the enterprise. If you can force low-paid workers into the plant during a deadly pandemic, by designating them “essential” and denying them the right to organize for safe working conditions — well, shit, do the math!

Then all you have to do to keep that tide rising on your financial assets is have a law passed that says you’re immune to all lawsuits from the families of these worthless pukes who died doing their goddamned jobs. Or as we say on Wall Street “boo fucking hoo!”

If the above sounds like embittered Commie twaddle that ignores the realities on the ground in our complex global economy and so on, I come from working class stock. My beliefs about the heartlessness of “financial assets” are in my blood. My grandmother, a member of the International Ladies Garment Workers’ Union, was very far to the left. She was one of many leftist Jews who had no hesitation to support the struggle of American blacks against their persecution. This solidarity with the oppressed was natural to her. Back in bleeding Ukraine (where native Ukrainians were enslaved and abused for centuries, by a variety of masters, leaving only the Jews to take it out on) the only light my grandmother saw as a hopeful young woman was the light of international worker solidarity, as preached by revolutionaries from the newly created Soviet Union, overthrowing the regimes that had kept boots (and worse) on people’s necks for centuries. Is there anything surprising in her readiness to embrace this vision of the future?

My ambitious grandmother got on a boat in 1921, after years of civil war in her part of Ukraine (eventually resulting in a communist takeover), bid farewell to everything and everyone she knew, and headed to a better life in America. She slept in a lower, cheaper compartment of the ship where a giant rat once walked along the partition that separated her bed from the next sleeping berth (causing her to leap over the little wall into the bed of the startled man who was sleeping on the other side) and dreamed of a life where her family could not be marched to a ravine in their hometown and shot in their heads. Barely two decades later, local Ukrainians, sick of the fucking Jews, enthusiastically helped round up all of my grandmother’s large family, march them to the ravine, confiscate their clothes, shoot them in the head, scramble over their corpses with surprising dexterity, straightening the rows for the next batch to be killed. The Nazi overseer gave the word, and… repeat.

Speaking of Nazi overseers, the SS, the outfit that ran the death camps, provided slave laborers to German industries who set up near the camps. They charged German corporations $1 a day, a sort of handling fee, for every slave laborer marched to and from work. An ideal way to lift the tide of the old financial assets, I’d say. One of the beneficiaries of this arrangement was the company that recently bought mega-corporation Monsanto — once again lifting all financial assets for everyone (who owned shares in those assets, of course).

Here is a central myth of our no-holds barred, a rising tide lifts all financial assets, let the free market freely decide the free rules of our neoliberal system of capitalism: it benefits those wealthy enough to own financial assets and pretty much fucks everyone else. This myth enables the belief that when Wall Street is booming the “economy” is doing great. That’s why Mitch McConnell can block financial aid to millions who have recently entered poverty — the economic indicators prove that the economy is growing at a record rate, doing great!

It’s related the the myth of the “White” person. You can be a dirt poor, ethnically “white” citizen of the great state of Georgia (or a dirt poor, ethnically “white” Ukrainian for that matter) and still, automatically be superior to someone with dark skin, someone traditionally called a “nigger” (or the Ukrainian equivalent for Jew). You can be the poorest, most oppressed white person in your county — you still have the invaluable consolation of not being a nigger, of being infinitely superior to even the most accomplished one of them. They can’t take that birthright away from me, unless they flay my skin off (which they might, don’t rule it out). I’m sure the Ukrainians who executed most of my family back in Europe felt the same way about their ethnic superiority when they were getting rid of a few thousand Christ-killers in my grandparents’ hometown.

All this history is just history, part of my eternal one note samba. Oy, they killed most of my family, Nazi fucks! It gets tiring, I know. Back to 2021, and the next few days. Here’s what I’m going to do, to try to get a working Senate that we can actually influence:

If you’d like to join the Focus 2020 effort, we have a need for volunteers on Saturday at 2pm PT/ 5pm ET for a phone bank targeting low-propensity GA voters. Please sign up here:

Here is the rest of their rap:

Hi All,

On the last day of 2020 (finally!) and with just 5 days to go until the Georgia runoffs, we wanted to share some key stats on the race.

There have been over 2.8 million votes already cast — a rate of about  80% of the votes cast at this point in the general.  

According to America Votes, Democrats have a modeled edge of approximately 52% of the vote, putting us about 3 points ahead of where we stood at this point in the general election.  
Black voters, who overwhelmingly vote for Democrats, represent a larger share of votes than they did at this point in the general– 34% versus 31%. This increase is driven almost entirely by voters over 50.    

Significantly, about 105,000 of these early voters did not vote in the general election and black voters represent 41% of this group.

Despite these positive numbers, there is reason for caution. 

The trend in the general election, both in Georgia and in other states, was that Democrats had higher turnout in early voting, but Republicans had higher turnout on election day. And Republicans have more high-propensity voters left who have yet to cast a ballot so they could eclipse much of the lead established by Democrats.  See Graph from Catalist below.

Note: The Georgia electorate is 57% White, 33% Black, 4% Hispanic/Latinx, 3% AAPI, and 2% Native American or other races
The ground game by progressive groups has been impressive. For instance, there have been over 6.5 million door knocks by these groups and will continue at a rate of about 500,000 a day for the last four days.

And our Focus 2020 volunteer group has been working virtually to provide voter information to over 2000 local community leaders, and to reach thousands of low propensity voters.

The great unknown is how Trump’s rhetoric about election fraud, his enmity toward some Republican leaders in Georgia, and his delay in signing the relief bill will affect Republican turnout on election day.  

This race was never going to be easy to win and it’s still uncomfortably close, but Democrats are doing the work needed to get out the vote.  Our community has supported three programs that weren’t being funded by others (Block Power, site-based vote-by-mail registration, and Working America) and so will certainly add net votes to the total. Let’s collectively hope for the best.


It was the overheated, accusatory rhetoric of radical abolitionists, the paper opined on January 19, 1859 — that hardened the Southern resolve to keep their slaves. If not for the violently moralistic outrage of anti-slavery zealots directed against the Southern slaveholders (threatened with the taking of their property without compensation!) these genteel planters would probably voluntarily free their slaves, according to the Grey Lady.

The Death of Dr. Susan Moore, also a tragedy

“This Is How Black People Get Killed”: Dr. Susan Moore Dies of COVID After Decrying Racist Care

Democracy Now! reports, earlier today:

As the United States reports record deaths and hospitalizations from COVID-19 in the final days of 2020, we look at how the pandemic that ravaged the country this year has shone a stark new light on racism in medical care.

In a viral video recorded by Black physician Dr. Susan Moore, she describes racist treatment by medical staff at a hospital in Indianapolis and says they did not respond to her pleas for care, despite being in intense pain and being a doctor herself. In the video, Dr. Moore says she had to beg to receive pain medication and the antiviral drug remdesivir, and accuses a doctor at Indiana University Health North Hospital of ignoring her pleas because she was Black. “I put forward, and I maintain: If I was white, I wouldn’t have to go through that,” she says. Dr. Moore died December 20, just over two weeks after she posted the video. She was 54 years old.

related source

Somebody compared watching this video to seeing the video of the George Floyd murder, and I can see that. Can you say “black lives matter,” motherfucker?

Or as noted non-racist former Attorney General William Pelham Barr would say: an infinitesimal number of female black doctors have been killed this way during this historic pandemic, certainly not more than a large handful. Obviously not indicative of any kind of institutional problem reflecting on the values of the larger society, and clearly, this is an angry dying woman in the “viral” video. And give me a break, forced lockdowns of people used to freedom and liberty are actually worse than centuries of slavery for people who have never known freedom or liberty!

Does my heart good to refer to the repellant Trumpist “Christian” as the former attorney general.

The Death of One Person is A Tragedy

Famous philosopher and mass murdering paranoiac Josef Stalin is reputed to have observed “the death of one person is a tragedy, the death of a million people is a statistic.” This is never more true than during the rampant spread of a highly contagious and occasionally deadly disease. A few hundred thousand, or even a million, Americans will have to die, will have to sacrifice their lives, in order for the rest of us to acquire herd mentality, er, herd immunity. Humanist philosophers (and even dry Empiricists) have long pointed out that a human soul is of infinite worth. In my religion we are taught that saving the life of one person is like saving the universe, though it is sometimes a religious challenge keeping this great insight alive in the world.

Let’s leave aside the insane political weaponization of this terrible disease, its disproportionately deadly impact on the poor, on people of color (a category that only exists in racist societies, let’s be honest), on the weak, the obese, the immunocompromised, how it brings into grim relief the way our sick private health insurance regime ensures countless unnecessary deaths every year. It is only necessary, today, to focus on one of perhaps 3,000 Americans who died yesterday, the man mourned by leaders of both parties on the floor of the House of Representatives. The sad passing of 41 year-old Luke Letlow, Congressman-elect from the great state of Louisiana, just days before he was to take office.

I never heard of Luke Letlow while he was alive, though his death yesterday is one of today’s headlines in mass media. A Republican, a man who was not old, or in any category that should have increased his odds of dying of COVID-19. He received the best treatments available, the same ones given to Mr. Trump and people of his wealth and status. The remdesivir and steroids didn’t help Mr. Letlow. He got excellent medical treatment, in a modern intensive care unit, he just couldn’t be saved. You can read a bit more about his passing here, from today’s NY Times.

Even a creature like Mitch McConnell may shed a tear or two when talking about this fine young man, a promising young Republican about to take his place in public service. You can see his smiling face, his optimism, appreciate the fact that he graduated from  Ouachita Christian School at the age of 19 and then went straight into party politics. A man with his whole life ahead of him!!!

Speaking of crocodile tears and fake, forced, reptilian smiles, check out this fat, grinning crocodile.

Federal death row inmate Lisa Montgomery might be allowed to die a natural death

Talk about a random twist of fate staying the executioner’s ax — Lisa Montgomery, the first female slated for execution by federal authorities since, correct me if I’m wrong, Roy Cohn orchestrated the electrocution of Ethel Rosenberg in 1953 (though, see [1]) may get to live the rest of her tormented life in prison. She will not be executed as Trump originally planned, days before Biden’s inauguration, because her lawyers came down with COVID-19 and could not appear to make arguments to extend her stay of execution. A simple twist of fate may save her miserable life of solitary confinement in prison.

A judge has delayed the execution of Lisa Montgomery, the only woman on federal death row. Montgomery suffers from mental illness caused by a life of abuse, and her lawyers are asking for clemency. She was convicted for the gruesome 2004 murder of a pregnant woman. Her execution this month was delayed after her lawyers got COVID-19; a D.C. district judge ruled Thursday the Justice Department can’t move ahead with a January 12 execution because the stay order will still be in place. Advocates hope Montgomery’s life will be spared by Joe Biden, who has vowed to abolish the federal death penalty.


Trump and his shameless enabler Bill Barr have executed more federal prisoners in the last few months than have been killed by the federal government in the last fifty years. The last lame duck president to carry out an execution was former executioner Grover Cleveland, in January 1889 [2]. Trump clearly loves the power to order the death of black men, as he pardons unrepentant war criminals, private (Blackwater) and military (disgraced, sadistic SEAL Eddie Gallagher) and corrupt colleagues. Trump and uber-Catholic Bill Barr were determined to kill a woman too, the only female federal death row inmate, come hell or high water.

The woman in question committed a gristly murder in 2004. She is administered a daily cocktail of anti-psychotic drugs. Never mind any of the details, Trump was determined to execute this crazy lady — whether by lethal injection, electric chair, firing squad, hanging, poison gas or any other means necessary (Barr actually changed the department’s guidelines for state executions to include those other ways of killing, in case certain mandated deadly chemicals were not available for lethal injection).

One can only hope for, and agitate for, justice to be applied to these wicked men. Justice is the only remedy for wickedness, though the interests of justice are disregarded with sickening regularity when it comes to wealthy, powerful, white men.


The Rosenbergs were the only two American civilians to be executed for espionage-related activity during the Cold War.[48] Ethel was the last female convict to be electrocuted in the state of New York and also the first of the only two women executed by the Federal government in the 20th century, the other one being Bonnie Brown, also executed in 1953.



The number was updated to five, after the article quoted below came out, four are already dead, see THIS:

The Department of Justice has scheduled three federal executions during the administration’s lame-duck period: Orlando Hall on November 19, Lisa Montgomery on December 8, and Brandon Bernard on December 10. The last time the U.S. government carried out an execution between a presidential election and the inauguration of the new president for a federal crime was nearly 132 years ago, on January 25, 1889, when the outgoing administration of Grover Cleveland executed Richard Smith, a Choctaw Indian, for a murder on tribal land in Arkansas.