Encourager vs. Discourager

How we respond to others is an often subtle art, though it can make a big difference. The word “courage” is embedded in the two effects our responses have on others. We can either encourage or discourage by our reactions. We often react by reflex, but it is something we should be aware of doing […]

Gathering Insight (vs. being right)

“Well, you know, Elie,” said the skeleton of my father, as a couple of vultures turned lazy loops in the picture postcard sky over his grave, “what I should have been doing, all those years, instead of justifying my insane rigidity, was developing some fucking insight.   Instead of understanding the importance of real intimacy […]

A Focus on Money Simplifies Life

“Acquisition and hoarding are human instincts that go back to our earliest forebears,” said the skeleton.  “The ones who survived acquired and hoarded as a hedge against the terror of want. Relative abundance meant survival in dark, cold days when other humanoids were willing to kill you to take the haunch you were about to eat. […]

After FUNeral musings

The rabbi conducting yesterday’s funeral had actually met the recently deceased several times over the years, my friend’s father who passed away Sunday at 89 from a late diagnosed cancer.  The deceased had been a strong, vigorous man with a handshake like a vise, I was amazed to learn he’d been close to ninety.  His nephew ended […]